Hi all! i’m not able to use the auto discovery features since i have several networks in my house. Is there a way to force the autodiscover on multiple network? I’m not using mqtt


Are you trying to say that integrations aren’t being discovered because you have multiple LAN networks?

If so go here and find the integration for the thing you’re trying to add. Then follow the directions. Discovery is just convenience, you can add things manually even if they weren’t discovered due to complex network setups or whatever.

If that’s not what you meant then please clarify. There are many different types of discovery in HA and your post is extremely vague. Please explain your setup, what you’re trying to add that’s not being discovered, why you think that is, what you’ve tried, etc. I.e. provide the context that would help some one help you

And also leave out things that aren’t relevant or explain why they’re relevant. Not really sure what MQTT has to do with anything here.

I have homeassistant some Shelly devices in one network and some of Shelly devices in another Network. Networks are routed.
I’m try to add all devices under Shelly integration.
For the one in the same network as ha they are discovered automatically but the others are not. I need to add them one by one with the ip.


Ok makes sense. So add the discovered ones. For the ones which cannot be discovered, click this button once per device you need to add:
Open your Home Assistant instance and start setting up a new integration.

Then enter the information it requests for that device in the pop-up. If you have any issues or need more info, see the Shelly integration docs:

As this topic is the first one of the community found using search engines, I want to cross-post the wish for a discovery service: