⛩️ Automatic Gate : don't ever use your remote again

To change the distance at which your gate opens when you arrive, you need to tweak your gate “:clock4: Lead time”.
Since the gate opening relies on Waze and not a direct distance, you can increase the lead time to open it sooner.

If you don’t want your gate to close when you arrive, you can simply disable “:lock: Automatic closing

I am using for my garage door. So when I get home I would like a delay so I can get some things done outside before the door closes…IE get the mail or bring up the garbage bins.

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same here, that would be great to add

I added your request to the dev version, you can install it here : Import dev blueprint

Is there a way to find out the exact lead time I need?

I would suggest you to time the movement time of your gate and add a small margin (20~30 seconds ?)

I will test it out thank you!

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I can’t open your images, can you ?
Maybe try to host them on another website

So far this is working good for me. I just need to get the timing down right to open the door on time. Thank you for the work on this so far

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Update V1.0.7 :rocket:

Breaking changes :warning:

  • Your auto-close setting will be reset in Automatic Gate
  • You will need to add a new input datetime in Itinerary Tracker Notification

Automatic Gate :shinto_shrine:

  • Added an option to disable automatic closing while keeping all security features (breaking change)
  • Added an input to wait before automatically closing on arrival (e.g.: to collect mail)
  • Grouped inputs into categories
  • Fixed opening notification title previously displaying “closing”
  • Separated successful arrival and vehicle left notifications

Automations :robot:

  • Added 2 inputs to limit your Itinerary Tracker Notification refresh rate, to slow down the use of your notification quota (breaking change)
  • Fixed chronometer not being displayed in Itinerary Tracker Notification
  • Fixed {{offline_delay}} and {{left_open_delay}} not being displayed in Gate offline and Gate left open notifications