Automating lights with Aeotec dual nano Switch

This is my first attempt at automating two lights in my home. I have an Aeotec dual nano switch installed as the lights work off the same switch bank. I have the bridge connection to my raspberry pi 4 working okay. The automation is my problem. I just wanted to toggle the light switch on and off. I am using the ui to enter the various details. In the drop down box for entity id it gives me 3 options for the switch.

switch.aeon_labs_zw132_dual_nano_switch_switch (2)
switch.aeon_labs_zw132_dual_nano_switch_switch (3)

As I only have 2 switches it’s a bit confusing. I have tried all three and the info pop up does register that a trigger has occurred but no lights are switched on or off. The problem must be in the action.

The name is Kitchen_Bench_Light.

For the trigger I’ve entered
platform: state
entity_id: switch.aeon_labs_zw132_dual_nano_switch_switch_3
For the action I’ve entered
action type: call service
service: light.toggle

data: ‘event_id: switch.aeon_labs_zw132_dual_nano_switch_switch_3’: null
I am obviously not send the right data to activate the switch. Any ideas.