Automation - double entities - unavailable

Yesterday, I was trying to make an automation with the editor (all my automations are manual) and when I saved it the automation.yaml meshed up. (all my comments and spaces gone,etc)
So I restore from a backup my automation.yaml (copied the old file).
Now I have 15-20 original automations as unavailable. HA automatically created new entities for them with the same name and _2 at the end.

Is there a way to restore the original naming, or I should remove them?
I am not sure how many of them are part of a script, so is there a way to find out so as to replace the original names with the new ones?

Just in case this is still relevant, or for future searchers:

First, this thread is relevant, and includes responses from people with way more experience than I have.

In my case, I could only delete the “old” / original entities once I had restarted HA. After deleting them, I had only the _2 named entities. I could not rename them as they don’t have unique IDs. A second restart automatically restored the original names.


  1. restart HA
  2. manually delete all the “unavailable” entities
  3. restart HA
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Thank you, after a restart the duplicated entries gone.