Automation editor won't save anything

I just installed home assistant on my raspberry pi 3.
I was trying to use automation editor to add new automation.
There is a saving button at the lower-right corner of the page, but it looks like it won’t save anything when I hit the button.
Also, nothing is added to the automations.yaml.
If I add something in automations.yaml file, it won’t be added in the UI, and I am not sure if that automation works.
I tried using the UI to save new group / script, which works fine.
I should also mention that the configuration.yaml is almost empty, but it looks like it is fine according to this post Empty configuration.yaml file
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Not sure, because i don’t use the automation editor, but maybe try to set it up manually.

Anyone who has done something tricky to his automations woudn’t touch the editor because of risk breaking the file.
Other than that, the automations.yaml is only used when it’s declared on configuration.yaml. Check first if the automation is on configuration.yaml.
Do a check config and reload automations and recheck if the automation is there.
Last resort is to import it manually to automations.yaml and if all goes well, the editor should work from now on

I tried adding automations in automations.yaml manually, but it won’t show up in the UI and it doesn’t work.

Thanks for your answer. The automations.yaml is declared on configuration.yaml by !include.
Could you please teach me how to reload automations?

On the tab the automation editor is(configuration), there’s a button General. Press that, and when the page loads, go down a bit to where configuration reloading is. Press Reload Automations