Automation - Irrigation, Moisture, Feeding, Mosquitos and how Home Assistant pulled it all together

This is a more in-depth post the combines the efforts we put into the irrigation system and how Home Assistant pulls it all together. In this post I cover how our outside area has morphed into the zones that we established, how we automated the watering process for each of the zones, adding the ability to fertilize the zones, leveraging the irrigation system as a method to manage mosquitos and adding soil moisture devices to help automate watering when the ‘smart watering’ of the timers isn’t as smart as it thinks! It also includes a couple automations that become possible along with some dashboards.

Home Assistant is a really powerful platform to make managing outside spaces so much easier!

Here is a link to my posting in my blog: Automation - Irrigation, Moisture, Feeding & Mosquitos (

Here is the link to the Technical Overview for our smart home: Technical Overview (

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Good stuff! I don’t get quite as involved, and use different sensors - but do display the moisture for some of our outside plants with a colored guage card. Makes seeing if it’s over/under watered pretty simple:


        - type: gauge
            style: |
              ha-card {
                vertical-align: middle !important;
                padding: 5px 6% 2px 6% !important;
          entity: sensor.miflora_2_moisture
          name: ''
          needle: true
          unit: '%'
          min: 0
          max: 100
            - from: 0
              color: '#f79a29'
            - from: 15
              color: '#41b552'
            - from: 25
              color: '#25952d'
            - from: 50
              color: '#41b552'
            - from: 60
              color: '#f79a29'
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That’s an awesome card! I need to add it to my dashboard!

Interesting post, thanks! Your experiences with mosquito abatement is very interesting as we head into the summer months here in SoCal after a wet and long winter.

On the drip irrigation setup, I went with the LinkTap hardware. I am not sure if it will be a good solution as yet. A bit spendy, however I like the ‘all local’ control option via MQTT. Their cloud services are working fine so far for ‘the boss’, but I like the ability to continue to use (in theory) if they go belly up.

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Here is a modified version of your moisture meter adjusting to my automation 20% trigger. Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for sharing! I waffle between wanting all on-site vs cloud. What I like about the B-Hyve is that the weather and configuration appear to be what is stored in the cloud and give access when I’m not home. The turning on and control is all in the devices on premise.

Price wise the two are comparable. The B-Hyve is roughly $60 per zone and the Link Tap is one device for 4 zones. It looks like a solid option if your zones are in multiples of 4.