Automation with enter in zone trigger doesn't work when phone is locked


I’ve configured a zone “near home”, and I’m using and iPhone (activated in hassio with the frontend settings option, not directly in yaml)
iPhone is recognized, states and other iPhone information are working good.

I’ve made an automation with a trigger “enter in zone near home”, it’s also working, but not always immediately I enter the zone.

I’ve made a few test, and what I think, is that the enter in zone trigger, is started only when iPhone is unlocked.
For exemple, if I get my phone unlocked, enter in zone is started immediately, but, if my iPhone is locked, the enter in zone is started the next time I unlock my iPhone.

is there something more to do for making this things working even when phone is locked ?


Are you suing the beta ios app?

It has background reporting, uses the new authentication and is very stable.

i’m using the Home Assistant for iOS 1.1.1 downloaded directly on appstore.

Try the beta app.

thx, i’ve just installed it and will check what happend within 2-3 next days before post a feedback on topic 1.5.0

tested in beta 1.5.0 (26) and working good.

i will test with the last beta version tonight