Automation with KNX device not triggering

I am trying to react on a state change of a swich I have in my KNX home automation. I added the following home assistant configuration for KNX:

    - address:
        - "0/0/1"
    - name: "Kamer 3 - bel gang"
      address: "0/0/1"

and the following configuration for my automation:

alias: Bel voordeur - push notification
  - platform: state
      - switch.kamer_3_bel_gang
    to: "On"
  - device_id: *********************67b725a520a892
    domain: mobile_app
    type: notify
    message: Iemand belt aan
    title: Bel voordeur
mode: single

When I monitor the bus of KNX, I see the message being sent. I do however not receive any kind of notification when this message is sent out over the bus. The group address matches, the state value as well. Can anybody help me on figuring out what is missing here? Thanks!

Hi :wave:!
You don’t need to define the event: item if you want to act on a switch entities state. That’s only for event triggers of knx_event (eg. without any entity).

Have a look at the exact state of the entity - I’m not sure, but that may be case sensitive.

Other than that see if the automation debugger or the logs provide any information.