Automations discovery

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Don’t know where to place this but I was wondering if anybody has made an attempt (or thought about it) to automatically discover possible automations based on historic patterns? In my opinion this would make automated homes even smarter.

Example: when I enter my home I turn on the lights with a smart switch. Easy automation. But before that, I probably triggered other sensors already. And the order I trigger those would probably be unique enough to use those as an automation, it might even detect that I almost always turn on or off other devices as well without me realizing I do.

Wouldn’t it be cool if HA could offer you the automation and you only had to accept or reject it?

Apart from it helping with the creation itself, I think it might come up with scenarios I wouldn’t even think of.

Search the forum for “machine learning”. There have been a few topics about this and I believe it is a long term goal for the Home Assistant project.

Also search for “data science” to see what tools are available to you now.

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