Automatisation of Shelly Shutter - activated with KNX GA

Hi there,
just changed from Openhab to HA and have to say it is great! Never the less there are thing where i am a bit struggeling…
I do not get an automation rule running even it is simple:

A KNX device should trigger a shelly switch. It is a shutter application:

Move (Up / Down) = 2/1/5
Stop = 2/2/9


  • name : “Büro”
    move_long_address: “2/1/5”
    stop_address: “2/2/9”


My Automatisiation is “half” working.

That means, Stop is working but either the shutter is just going up (doesn´t matter if the GA 2/1/5 is howing down) or only going down . This depends on the selection of the Action (open, close)…

Any help is highly appreciated.

Regards, Peter

Hi :wave:!
Use choose (“Auswählen”) in your action with template condition. In the template you can access the telegrams payload / value. That data is passed to the trigger object. Eg {{ trigger.value == 1 }}

thanks for your reply

unfortunately it still not working…

here the yaml code:

  • conditions:
    • condition: template
      value_template: trigger.value == 1
    • device_id: 3fec39b113a8d1f65dd7780109feae84
      domain: cover
      entity_id: 6b3c7efbdc150faed437adb5cf9d525c
      type: open

thank you Matthias

You can’t omit the double braces for templates {{ }}.
Also check if the trigger.value attribute is even used - trigger.payload should be there in every case, .value only for some DPT and if you submitted your project file. Click the blue “Triggered” bar in the automation builder to see its values live when it fired. See Knx trigger doesn't work - #4 by farmio

And last but not least, when pasting yaml here, please use code tags. See How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question

thx… i think i have to start from the scratch… If i am choosing the template condition, there is no selection… it is just the “value template”. do i have to install the other templates (trigger.value or trigger.playload) in a file? right now the trigger in the automation looks like that:

I am really sorry for the beginner questions…

Right. This is where you write the template.
There is no “install in a file”.

whohoooooo,- Thanks!

It is working :slight_smile:

Note: “trigger.payload” works “trigger.value” is not working.