AUTOMATISATION: Rackvents depending on cpu temperature

Hello together,
i have installed two vents in my serverrack. These are plugged in a shelly plug plus s to make them “smart”. In HAOS i have the CPU temperature from my unifiy dream machine se. I want to make an automatisation to start or stop the vents depending on the temperature of the cpu. In my thoughts a very small and easy thing. In reality - it is not working and i don’t know why…
I said:
“if the temperature from the CPU is getting over 54 degrees celsius then switch the shelly plug on”
“if the temperarture from the CPU ist getting under 55 degrees celsius then switch the shelly plug off”
For now the temperature is at 55 degrees but the vents didn’t start.
Can anyone help me? What is wrong?


Thanks in advance!!!

next to the automatisation i have the problem that the cpu temperature ist not udpating in haos. Looking drirectly to the display of the dream machine se it shows 53 degrees. in haos there is 55 degrees since the last 3 hours. Anyone an idea how to update this sensor faster? Thank you!