AUX Air conditioner support

Hi, I want to request for official support for Aux Air Conditioners. Some steps are made here:

but I would like HA to officially support it and that it would be possible to configure these air conditioners via UX.

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It would be great if we could get this integration out of the box.

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+1 that would indeed be awesome!

would be great

+1 In eastern europe, “Vortex” branded split heat pumps with this broadlink wifi module are everywhere.

+1 yes would be nice

That integration work with Ballu Platinum Evolution DC inverter

would be great

+1 would be nice

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Here is github repository of my custom esphome component for AUX air conditioner (and for many other brands based on the AUX).
This isn’t native wifi-module support. You need esp8266/esp32 instead. But this solution gives you complete control of air conditioner with built in lovelace cards.
For better help I write readme in English. And there is a link to telegram chat where you can ask questions.
Hope this component will help you.

I have created kinda integration:

+1 It would be great if officially supported, but meanwhile, do you have a detailed manual or video to install your integration?

I assumed the is enough instruction.