Awtrix (clock) notification [Custom Component]

ok. not document key - forcast_graph value line or bar
by default - None (optional)

service: awtrix.awtrix_bedroom_weather_app
  weather: weather.forecast_home
  outside_temperature: sensor.easyweatherv1_6_4_outdoor_temperature
  home_temperature: sensor.home_temperature
  sun: sun.sun
  moon: sensor.moon_phase
  forcast_graph: bar

I don’t understand what am I doing wrong! also, why it’s adding space after ‘awtrix.awtrix clock’ instead of underscore?

Cuz strange discovering :wink:
But you can help me for REPO this bug.

I believe it’s because I named my device “Awtrix Clock”, adding an underscore fixes the issue but calling the service doesn’t do anything!

Ok. Thank you so much. On it.

PS: reboot

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Looks like it’s working!

btw, @chintito4ever

quotes :slight_smile:

service: “awtrix.awtrix bedroom_push_app_data”

Great work, can you consider releasing versions on GitHub instead of putting all updates in the README.MD?