Backup Core

How do I make a consistent backup of Home Assistant while it’s running or alternatively: does anyone have a complete configuration (e.g. systemd configuration and scripts) to do a consistent reliable backup including automated reliable restore?

I have the impression that Home Assistant is cripple-ware, because there is no technical reason for not having the backup feature be implemented in Core.

Many “open-source” projects refuse patches to add SAML either, because they don’t want to run the risk of being useful to people.

Settings >> system >> backup

The “backup.create” service may be called in an automation.

I get mixed up but i run docker and it exists and I am sure that is basically HA Core. Not sure what you mean by backup feature not implemented?

Live backup using rsync would be how I would backup a running system

What is wrong with copying /config (including hidden files and directories) ?

You can backup, but restore is not implemented on Core.

That doesn’t work while the system is running.

Oeps, I must have been doing it wrong the last 5 years.

Why do you think this is related to backup? Or is this just for example purpose to say, " just because Restore Backup is not useful to them doesn’t mean it has no value to others".

Vote for Restore Backup

No engineer would have implemented backup in this way unless the goal was to create an inferior version of Home Assistant.

Does Emacs have a “core”-version? Exactly.

That’s indeed the case.

Does not matter, I have moved several times my HA with that ‘bad backup’, never lost anything.

You should learn when to fold.

Using rsync would not meet the correctness criterion.