Backup fails during update and prevents from updating

So in my previous post (Backups not showing; should I update?) I found out there was a bug in the GUI. Although an error is shown when trying to update all logs show that the backup is created and I can see the backup file both in the filesystem (ssh) and the GUI (if i resize the windows from the above post).
But since the supervisor thinks the update failed, it wont let me update (neither, supervisor, OS or Core). It goes out of the update process.

Any thoughts?

I had the same issue for a while. It disappeared by itself, but while it lasted I had to first let it create the backup and then fail before I then started the process again and remove the check mark for backup.

Same here, until recently you could indeed switch off the backup so that was a nice workarround.
Now whithout the possibility to skip the backup i can’t update anything.

Help is appriciated!

It seems fixed on my end.
I executed an ‘ha core rebuild’ and a ‘ha supervisor repair’ from an ssh, rebooted afterwards.
Now the backup succeded, updated host afterwards without any problems

Yeah, there is some unstability here. I also managed to update, but it wasn’t without the error. My solutions was:
1: backup manually and copy backup file to another destination(backup server) in case shit hits the fan
2: update the OS, then the supervisor/core. The backup still failed, but as @wallyR mentioned it is possible to force it by removing the checkmark
3: Update completed with no errors and the backup file is stil there and now also showing in the GUI.