Backup / restore questions

Currently I have HAOS running on an old PC. I have a newer PC that I have HA / Docker installed. I realize I can create a backup and then upload to the new system, right? Or is there some gotcha going from HAOS to HA Docker? I have a couple of ESP32s and my new system wants to adopt them. Would that remove them from the original? Also, do I need all the original addons in the new system before I attempt the restore?


Indeed there is.

You can backup and restore via the GUI on HAOS.

However you can only backup on a Docker install. There is no restore. To restore you need to copy the files manually from the backup archive to your new system.

I just knew there was a gotcha. Is there a wiki somewhere for a noob to follow? Just so I am not confused, I used a suprervised install, so that is a docker install right?



All install methods other than core use Docker containers.

A Container install has no supervisor. A supervised install does.


You can backup and restore a supervised install. However you should not use this install method except as a last resort. It requires you to follow some very strict requirements and you must manage your own OS. It seems like a good option but it is not. Unless you really know what you are doing (read the warning). Do you know how to upgrade Python in a Debian environment?

If not, then do not use this method.

That question is only relevant if you run HA in a venv. But I agree, running supervised is only advised if you know what you are doing, and it is a lot of work to keep it up-to-date.

I only used the surervised because the HAOS didn’t have the drivers for my machine I wanted to use. My pc is a OEM2550L2D-MX, Integrated Dual-core Intel Atom processor D2550 4GB ram Debian works fine on it. The drivers in question were for the nics

I think your new PC is powerfull enough to run HAos in a Virtual Machine (VMWare has my preference as I found VirtualBox pretty unstable, but VWare is a bit more hassle to configure :wink:)

Another option would be Installing Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 11

Thanks aceindy,

I did install it supervised on Debian 11. I wantd to do a backup and restore but that seems like a hassle. I have been thinking about starting over with it on the supervised system. To those who use the supervised system how often do you need to update the OS? Maybe I need to ask that elsewhere?

I was in the same situation.
I used to run HA under VMWare on a W10 host, until I laid my hands on a newer machine.
Decided to go Debian11SuperVised, but found it had too much limitations and restrictions, as the SuperVisor won’t allow you to do much outside running HA supervised.

So I un-installed Supervisor, and re-enstated my VMWare machine.
In the end, the only thing different from before is that my host now runs on Debian11 instead of W10 :wink:

I can’t stand Windows. Maybe I will see if I can get VNWare on my little guy. Currently I have HA working on an old desktop PC and I want to get away from it. I am spoiled with the HAOS on it. Which version of VMWare are you using? Is there a turorial somewhere I can use to get it installed?

VMWare player is for free, but i use VMware Workstation (v17), as it is a bit more flexible.
However, Workstation requires a license :thinking:

The Player requires some manual adjustments on the vmx config file (uefi=true and usb device auto mount), in the Workstation that can be done from the GUI.

Also there are some bash files required to auto-launch the VM (applies to both Player and Workstation)

Both run fine on both Windows as well as Linux, and the VM’s themselves are interchangeable between both OS’s :wink:

I didn’t use it, but someone wrote a guide It’s for v16, but not much difference with v17 :grin:

Thanks aceindy, Installing linux now then all the rest.