Backup size of Whisper AddOn / language model

I have recently noticed, that my backup size increased drastically, since I installed Whisper (and Piper) as an AddOn (HA-OS).

After investigating I found out, that the language model will be saved in the backup as well. In my case this increases the size from around 300MB up to way over 1GB.

Is there any setting or something else, where I could leave the language model out of the backup?

I don’t think, a language model must be included in the backup. As far as my thinking goes, I could always re-download it, if necessary. I mean, sending 700MB in a backup doesn’t make sense to me, if I can easily download the model, if needed. :slight_smile:

Anybody any ideas on that? I don’t want to disable the backup of the AddOn completely.

I have this issue as well. The download is only like 50 meg or so so how come the backups got so big?

In my case the size fits, I’m using (read: experimenting with) the medium-int8 model, and the size is around 800MB as advertised…

What I’m after is to leave the language model(s) entirely out of the backup.

Have you checked for your installation, that Whisper is really the culprit? If you haven’t, make a full backup with no password set (important!), download it and extract it with 7Zip or whatever zip program you have. There you’ll see what folder in the backup takes the most space.

But I’m out of ideas, how to leave out specific things in a HA backup…