Backup Zooz 800

I am trying to understand whether the HA backup includes the Zwave network.
In other words, if my Zooz 800 dongle fails, and is replaced by a new dongle, will it work with the current HA configuration, or will I need to restore a Zooz specific backup from the old dongle ?
If that is the case, how can I make a backup of the Zwave network ?

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You can switch over to Z-WaveJS UI. It does backups of the Z-Wave controller’s NVM. Not sure if supports backing up the NVM on 800 series yet.

But you get lots of other features… I am going to do it this weekend but I have a 700 series.

Switching Z-Wave JS Addons with Minimal Downtime! Z-Wave JS (Official) to Z-Wave JS UI (Community) - Community Guides - Home Assistant Community (

Or you can wait and maybe those features will get implemented in the official add-on.

I am a little concerned about this warning message

What do you think ?

You have an 800 series controller so this probably should not be of concern.
However, on 700 series I think there may have been a bug where the stick would not soft-reset after a NVM backup, probably leaving it hung which would require a manual restart (just guessing here, I couldn’t find much info on this).

I just upgraded mine and was able to do an NVM backup… and after it seemed to reset the controller which then the system seemed to lose state of zwave devices, and become a bit unresponsive until network was up for a bit… could be just an isolated thing, or something else is wrong but I don’t see a need to to NVM backup nightly if this is the case, so I just will do one manually now and then and watch next time if does same thing.

Z-Wave JS UI does have a lot of features and OTA updates a couple devices where it didn’t before on the other add-on.

Thanks. I am taking the risk and activated the backup in the Zwave JS add-on. I also did a manual backup but, though it said that it was running, it did not ask me to save the file and I wonder if it actually ran. Zwave was not interrupted as far as I could see.

I tried again recently on my 700 and it backs up less than a minute and there is percentage in top right indicating it is done. It saves file in the store and also downloads if done manually. This time everything is fine on my zwave network so precious issue I experienced must have been something else.

Thanks. I have set up the backups in Zwave JS UI and it should be working fine, if & when needed. I don’t want to risk trying, so let’s just hope it is all ok.
BTW I purchased a Zigbee plug, just to see if Zigbee works in my HA, and I’m happy to report that the inclusion was immediate and successful.