Bad zwave migration or bad USBhub for my Pi4?

Hi, I’ve just migrated from Hassbian to on a Pi3B+ but after installing Grafana and Influx it was noticeably slower, so I decided to migrate everything to a new Pi4.
So far, everything (more or less) is working well but I’m having issues with zwave.
I know that Aetoc zwave stick needs a USB hub to work well with Pi4 so I bought one. I also copied my zwave*.xml files into my config directory but somehow it has started working only partially: It is recognizing some of my zwave devices with their correct names, other devices are working but with mixed names (not the correct ones) and quite a few are not working at all, as they appear as unavailable (or unknown entities, not sure now). Moreover I can’t find /dev/ttyACM0 though it is working with this path in my config file.
So I don’t know if the problem is some issue with my zwave xml file, my zwave-device-config file or maybe it is just that the USB hub is not working properly???
Should I buy a new zwave stick, like the recommended here by @Tinkerer to @autoX ? :

If I buy the new stick, will it work directly with my old zwave configuration?? My problem is that I’ve got quite a lot of zwave devices with automations and I will prefer avoiding starting from scratch again.
Any help will be appreciated thank you, I’m quite lost!! :sweat:

Hi jolaca,

I cannot answer your question in regards to the stick and if this would solve your migration issue.
To be honest I have an aeon stick here as well and due to my setup (HA on VM in the basement) I needed an solution to have the ZWAVE more centralized in the house.
Zwave2mqtt brought this possibility and worked fine for me.

BUT, zwave was not able to cover my needs in a cost-efficient way, so I was looking for some alternatives. I am not a friend of havingt 10 different standards and protocols in the house so I checked and decided to go for one standard which can cover all my needs.
I went with ESPHome, so I am using ESP8266 for Plugs, Roller Shutter, Power Metering (iotawatt), dynamic adjustable SMA Modbus ESP(own programing), standard lightning switches and finally ESP32 (quinled) for dimmable lightning + connected sensors like BLE Xiami Temp Sensor, BLE Presence detection, Radar presence detection.

So concluded:
I have sold all my zwave devices, bought some additional APs and migrated to ESPs for being much more flexible.

If someone in Europe is interested, the AEON Stick is still here and happy to find a new owner. :wink:

cheers, stay healthy

That stick won’t work with your Pi4 - a well known and documented problem.

If you change stick, you’ll need to remove all devices from the existing stick, and then pair them to the new stick.

Alternatively, use a USB 2 hub :wink:

Thanks for your answers!, @Tinkerer actually, I am already using a usb 2 hub (as I knew about that Pi4 issue) however I’m still having the problems described: some zwave devices showing, others not. Why could this be??

If you installed by installing Debian/Ubuntu/etc then those can include a thing called ModemManager which interferes with the stick. You’d need to disable that:

sudo systemctl disable ModemManager.service