Basic Fully Kiosk commands to play sounds or run commands

Here’s a very simple (3-4 line?) way to use Fully Kiosk’s API. I use it to play doorbell sounds and do basic TTS.

For more advanced functionality, check out @thomasloven’s great stuff here: and

Or some clever info gathering if you need this: Fully Kiosk Browser

Two different commands. A generic command option and a playsound option.

    url: !secret fully_kiosk_kitchen_cmd
    url: !secret fully_kiosk_kitchen_playsound

Store your sound file in www/. If you choose to put them in a subfolder, be sure to modify the url section in fully_kiosk_kitchen_playsound below.

In your secrets.yaml make sure to have the URL.

fully_kiosk_kitchen_cmd: "{{ url }}"
fully_kiosk_kitchen_playsound: "{{ sound }}"

Usage in a script or automation:

  - service: rest_command.fully_kiosk_kitchen_playsound
      sound: 'doorbell-2.wav'

Or run any command from

  - service: rest_command.fully_kiosk_kitchen_cmd
      url: 'cmd=textToSpeech&text=Hello%20how%20are%20you'

Thanks for this - but am I right that I’m SOOL if I use DuckDNS? Meaning my instance is only accessible via HTTPS not HTTP? I couldn’t get it to load the file (it never progresses past “loading the file” or whatever it says) but I CAN play the file in my browser from the location where it’s saved in my HA www directory.

Thanks for this, very helpful!! Aren’t you missing a / after your port though?

Mine works without, but maybe that’s more compliant.

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Should still work. Make sure your full URL is encoded correctly.