Any way to play a sound alert on a Tablet?

I’ve got a rooted Amazon Fire tablet on the wall and I can send TTS to it no problem (works reliably) but I’ve not found a way to play sound files on it (like a security alarm siren). Anyone got this working? Fully Kiosk is on the app. I use HTTPS because of DuckDNS so not sure this would work as I don’t think Fully would be able to access the file…? I have tried it, by the way.

You could try this:

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It worked! Thanks

entity_id: media_player.7d8111b8_a8284111
media_content_id: ''
media_content_type: music
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Awesome. Glad it worked for you!

you might to use just:
media_content_id: /local/alarm.wav

Ah. Sorry now I get you.
I think I tried that and it didn’t work. I’m using DuckDNS, that complicated it I think. I tried LOADS of iterations of URL filepaths until I found the magic one. So given that it’s working reliably I’m not going to try changing it now! :slight_smile:

doing the same using browser_mod didn’t work for me. I use similar setup as daneboom. DuckDNS. https URL. But when i try to call the URL, i see nothing. Any ideas?