🚿 Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan

Thanks for your offer at this stage we are just going through it.

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Maybe try a different location of the humidity sensor. High in the room and close or directly on the fan inlet.

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After using this automation for around a week, I’ve had my first ‘blip’ where it failed to work. From reviewing the history of the sensors involved, im not sure why, but when the smart switch that powers the fan was triggered after the derivate sensor rose, it immediately turned off. I had to manually turn the switch on to deal with the humidity.
Based on the history, does this look more like a hardware blip with the smart switch (Sonoff ZBMINI) than the automation itself?

Just for your reference… I don’t get any faults here. Keep an eye on it and check your logbook as that can help you find it. There is no reason for it to turn OFF instantly once ON as you have a 12 min delay.

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Hi Blacky, than you so much for this blueprint, love it.

It work perfectly for the humidity, but has other i would like to use the same fan for the toilet use.

Here’s my settup, the fan is controlled with a wall siwtch (Kuled branded on tasmota), wich is set in Home Assitant has a fan (fan.shower).

I’m using a bidet wich is connected to a smart plug with energy monitoring. It’s easy for me to know when somebody is on the bidet since the seat is heated and the power consumption get high very fast (150w) and when not used the power lower to almost zero.

My goal is to Automate the fan based on humidity (it work), Then if someone use the bidet, and of course since the switch is very accessible and someone can use it, a timer.


Have a look at my :toilet: Toilet Exhaust Fan with time delay blueprint. It works together. You will have to create a template sensor (See REF - TS-3) so when your toilet power is above x then = ON. It even has a wait time for the times the fan is needed. Then have a look at this FAQ on how to set it up.

Q: Can we link the Toilet Exhaust Fan blueprint with the Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan blueprint as my bathroom has a toilet and a shower?

Hope this helps you.

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A Yes, please follow these steps Click Here.

Hi Blacky for this fast answer.

I managed to make the two automations work together with you’re very c’est instructions.
For the power consumption i used the Threshold helper entities, worked for me like a charm instead of a template.

The only question that i have is the manual switch. In the documentation for both automation it says that the i quote :

" Use The Manual Fan Switch Option (Optional)

This allows you to add a switch to turn the fan ON and OFF manually and still allows the automation to be triggered, taking control of your fan. This is useful in removing any unwanted fumes from deodorant, hairspray, toilet etc. The auto off time delay in option 2 makes sure you never forget to turn the fan OFF.

NOTE - The switch can not be connected to your fan (Actual fan switch). It must be a totally independent switch or the automation will not work."

I don’t want to install another switch, and the wall switch is very accessible and for sure will be used. how can i still keep it function but with a timer (15 minutes or so)?

The problem is, if you have a automation turn the fan ON to then run a set of actions that works. Now if you have a automation that when the fan turns ON as the trigger it then runs a different set of actions. Can you see the conflict?

I do have an idea that I will explore and see if it works.

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What idea?

Hi, I have a fan that have normal speed of 64%. I want it to go to 84% when some humidity have reached, and go back to 64% when humidity have lowered. Is it possible with this blueprint?


Yes, what you would do is use the fan speed option ‘Enable the fan speed - turn off option’. In ‘Fan Switch’ you would enter in your 84%, then in ‘Input - Fan Speed - Switch Off’ you would enter in your 64%. If you haven’t set up your 64% and 84% most of the community do this through a script. If you need help doing this then please ask and someone will help you set it up.

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Hello everyone. I’m a newcomer to this project. Could you please explain how to set up the following automation: when the humidity increases by three percent, turn on the fan, and when the humidity returns to the pre-shower level, turn it off. So far, my automation looks like this. Am I doing everything correctly?


Start here in the FAQ.

Q: How do you set up a Derivative Sensor Helper?

A: Please follow these steps Click Here

Q: I have set up a “Derivative Sensor Helper” but how do i set up the automation settings?

A: Please follow these steps Click Here

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Hey, thanks for this great blueprint! I wanted to share some data from tonight’s showers - my wife, daughter and I having back to back showers. Do I have it dialed in pretty good with these results, or could it be improved? Seems to be working fairly well, but I read your comments on getting the derivative numbers down as low as possible. Thanks again!


Welcome to the community

No problem your welcome.

All looks like your doing well. Just keep monitoring it over the next few weeks and adjust if needed. You just want to make sure that it triggering at the right % and not false triggers. You don’t have to go low, low it just has to work for everyone. Once you get it working well then you will probably never look at it again.

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Thanks, that’s what I was missing

No problem, happy to help.

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Hi Blacky. I really like your project, thank you. I have a suggestion for visually improving the project, but I don’t know if this is a question for you.

In your projects, there are fields with ticks (for example, Months For Winter Mode in Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan). The ticks are placed vertically and visually take up a lot of space. Maybe it would be better to place them horizontally? It would look more concise


That is a HA thing.

Best way is to post a feature request. If you do let us know and I will vote on it.

Thanks for your suggestion :smiley:.


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