Battery level is not updating

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The battery status and level are not updating, I have the track: true in known_devices.yaml but still no luck.

Can confirm that my battery level is still showing the initial value that the app reported.

Yes, exactly the same here.

Same here, I thought originally that it was due to me changing my device name in the app after first use but it seems like you guys are having it as well

I am not sure of the interval that the battery level is reported but I do know you can force the update with the up arrow in the bottom right corner of the app.

I just submitted a build to Apple that will improve this. Previously, updating battery was much rarer than I thought it was. Now, every time that you submit a location to the server whether manually or automatically it will include battery information.


The battery status only updates if my location changed? There where no updates send if i charged my phone at home while i’m at home, f. e.?

You can create automation to request every X minutes the status of your ios device


Hi, can you please give me an idea of that creation? I´m using bluetooth tracker for my iPhone. Thank you in advance.

I don’t think the bluetooth component will pass the battery level information. This information is typically passed using the iCloud component or the iOS App integration.

I don´t like iCloud due to battery drain and gps needed to keep it working, so I´m trying to find better solution. Do you have any idea please?

is this still an issue? I cant see charging state or battery state change tested on 3 ipads and 1 iphone and same issue on all of them