Battery sensor taking too long to update

The battery status of my mobile phone updates in a rather erratic frequency. I’m using it to plot a line chart and to trigger automations, but sometimes it stays for hours without updating the sensor. It is not a systematic problem, since sometimes it updates properly for a few days, but sometimes it takes a very long pause.

I would try the “command_update_sensors” mentioned here and here, but even there I could not get how to use this command, nor if it would solve my problem. Does it work only within an automation? (as the example on the second link). How do I get the sensor to update every 10 minutes regardless of any automation? Does it force an update that would work in my case?

Thanks for your thoughts.

make sure to grant the app background access. depending on your device you may have a few settings to change.

Which may cause more battery usage :slight_smile:

Then how do you expect the app to be able to update the battery level when in the background?


Just stating a fact. Not that I don’t agree.