How best to poll / refresh battery level of tablet?

I have a sensor on a tablet ( sensor.sm_t500_battery_level ) that is plugged into a smart switch. A blueprint automation charges / stops charging the battery when it hits certain threshholds. However the problem is that the battery levels reported by the tablet (via the mobile app) are largely static and don’t refresh other than upon loading. The tablet is running the mobile app and reports the values fine, it just needs to refresh them. I need to get updated battery levels every minute or two so that the start / stop charging commands to the smart switch actually activate when left alone.

In the past I addresed this using REST / json but I keep running into problems when things get too complex so this time am hoping to keep things as simple as possible and only use the UI. Is that possible or do I have to set up REST again?

The most simple method of all is to forget all about fancy battery management and smart switches. Remove the smart switch and have the tablet always plugged in and charged to 100%. Some people say this is ok and other say the battery will wear out faster. I want simple but also efficient. Any suggestions?

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Perhaps this command?

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Aha! Thank you very much for this.

I see that the Companion App sensors actually update every 15 minutes and can be configured to update every minute if desired. Very interesting. I have been doing so much tinkering I’ve failed to leave things alone for 15 minutes enough times to distinguish the 15 minutes updates from the manual ones.

Thank you again.