Battery status not updating on some devices from ZHA?

Is there anything in particular needed to make the battery sensors update more often for different devices? In particular it seems to be my devices added through ZHA… Everthing from my IKEA Square remotes, to Phillips Motion sensors… I changed battery in this IKEA Motion sensor yesterday, but it still hasn’t update here a day later



Hi there, I notice a similar behavior when some of my sonoff sensors update. (ie., motion is detected, but the paired Battery State doesn’t update–). I’m perplexed if these are in the same message -> why wouldn’t ZHA monitor in HA note the update?

Have you found an efficient way to Log the messages in real time? ie., move a switch and see if Battery state indeed comes in?

Lemme add a me-too… has anyone found a resolution to this?

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Hi guys, same behavior here :slight_smile:

Happening with me to, with Sonoff devices. I was under the impression that the battery level only updated every 24 hours, which is fine, but isn’t updating. Very annoying…

Same issue, anyone found a solution ? I replaced some batteries but no update of their level in ha after maybe 48h