Something is up with ZHA and states not being updated

I’m having some isses with ZHA and the states of my entities. Im using it with a ConBee 2 stick.

First, take a look here: Battery status not updating on some devices from ZHA

After creating that topic i noticed some more behavior that is like the above.

Heres an example:
A group of 5 light entities all added through ZHA and added together as a “Group” in the ZHA integration is all turned off through an automation. Checking the groups state reveals that it is still on, however no lights are actually turned on. Checking the entities of the group reveals that a single light entity state is still on even though the light itself is actually off.

The same goes for individual lights, added through the ZHA integration, and turned either on/off via an automation: They might still have the state as on or off but actually be the opposite IRL.

Anyone else having such an issue?

Keep in mind that i have not, as of yet, experienced any lights not actually turning on or off according to what their automation is supposed to do… They simply don’t seem to change state in HA along with what the automation is setting their state to be.

Is there really no one else with this experience?

I’m having a similar experience.

Purchased 4x Sylvania Smart+ Zigbee bulbs, paired them with a Nortek HUSBZB-1.

I have some automations that change the color of the group, and the lights do change color but HASS continues to report the old color state. The on/off state actually works fine, just the color for me…

Same here,
My Danalock is not updating it’s state.
It always shows locked.

Unlocking and Locking is working, but state remains Locked.

@Da9L did you resolve this issue? I’ve found that my group of 2 ikea bulbs in a HA group don’t update their states on a Home Assistant restart. They show off when the lights are on, toggling the switch seems to reconnect the states and any other commands after this first toggle work on the lights as well as the UI. I have had many issues with these bulbs and ZHA, endlessly losing connection. I have a Conbee II stick.

No unfortunately not. I too have a Conbee 2 stick, but I’ve completely given up on getting my bulbs to run on it, so I’ve reverted all my bulbs back to the Hue hub, and only use my remotes on the Conbee 2 stick now

I have the same issue with ZHA light groups. They are super slow to update their state :disappointed:

Anyone figured it out? Same here state just gets stuck :cry: