Beginners guide to Doorbird

I’m new to HASS and just got my doorbird doorbell working with HASS. I followed the integration documentation but was stuck when trying to get the notification that the doorbell was pressed, or the relay was triggered. I finally figured out the solution and wanted to post it here.

The documentation walks you through adding the doorbird which should enable to you see the doorbird cameras, and manually trigger the relay and IR sensor. (All the options I had for my doorbird model: D201). Don’t forget to follow the Schedules part of the documentation

What I was missing.

  • Listen to events. At the bottom of the Events page in the Developer Tools. You can listen to * (which is everything). This should show you the events that HASS is seeing. I was looking in the Logbook and history tab to try and see these and thats wrong. If you see your doorbird doorbell or relay event show up in the events page, after it’s been pressed, your in a good place. This is what I see after my doorbird relay is triggered:
    "event_type": "doorbird_gate_relay_unlocked",
    "data": {...
  • Add an event automation. While the doorbird can see the event, it is not setup to capture that information. In order to capture (see in the Logbook) or have something happen when the doorbell event happens, you need to create an automation. The trigger type will be event and the event type is what ever name listed in the event “console”. Leave the event data field empty.
    • You don’t need this automation to actually do anything. I have my relay automation action set to just delay. This allows me to capture when the doorbird relay was triggered through the doorbird app.

You should now see an entry in the Logbook for everytime the automation has been triggered.


Thanks - both things were useful. Neat idea using the “listen to events” to confirm the name.

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My doorbird is not even showing up in HASS… done all the right things and configurations, help!!

what steps have you done to try and get it working? Do you have other working integrations? Can you post the relevant section of your config?

I was trying to get it working through my mac, and I don’t believe this is the best idea. I’ve ordered a raspberry pi now, and will do a brand new installation on that. Hope it will work. Thanks for replying!

Thanks for the work. Is this also capturing events which are coming from the doorbird app? Means if I want to open the door and push the release button in the app is this recognized by HA as an event?

I will confirm for you, but yes I believe it does capture those events. The only thing that isn’t being captured (per my memory) is if the gate is opened via a gate clicker as that goes straight to my gate motor instead of through DoorBird.

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That would be awesome. My door lock is directly connected to my KNX System. The plan is not to wire my doorbird directly to the bus. So the shortcut via HA Reading That I opened the “realis” via the App would be great.

Hi! I was able to test it and indeed it recognizes events fired from the app. That’s great as this opens a lot of possibilities.

Hopefully DB is holding on this and not shut this down.

@belgian_style I found this was flooding my Home Assistant with multiple event registrations. Could you show in a bit more detail and maybe publish your full automation code?

By way of update, a feature is now been approved to add Doorbird Events to the HA Logbook automatically. Not sure yet if it made it into 0.104 (released 15/01/2019) but its on the way!

Has anyone got their Doorbird set up to trigger an electronic door opener? Does that also work well through Homekit using Home Assistant?

Any input appreciated - I have my Home Assistant all set up and my door has an electric opener, just wondering whether it’s worth getting the Doorbird Relais accessory etc. and if it works nicely.

I have my doorbird setup to trigger/open my gate. It’s a physical connection between the gate relay and the doorbird relay. What options do you have to trigger your electronic door opener? If you can get the door opener added to HA then you can create an automation that triggers the door opener when the relevant doorbird action happens

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Here’s a link to my automations:
Excited to see this logbook update! I just went through the release notes on v0.104 and didn’t see this change mentioned so hopefully we will see it in v0.105!

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Hi! I just did that a few minutes ago.
I setup an automation which listens to the Event which is bound to the lock button in the doorbird app. Works like a charm. At least for the past 10 minutes :slight_smile:

Hey M! Could it be that I can listen only to one event? When I try to setup a new Schedule the app tells me that the relevant timeslot is blocked by the first one.

Edit: I made a quick video showing the steps I wrote out below. Let me know if you want to see anything else:

Are you talking about in the Doorbird App’s Administration page? I have 3 schedules/events setup in my doorbird app. One for the relay, one for the doorbell, and one for motion. Under each respective action, I have a schedule set in the app, ie. Expert Settings -> Relays -> Schedule for follow-up actions -> Make sure globe (HTTPS Calls) is select for category (Top Left) not the phone icon (SIP Call) -> Select the related action (by clicking on the top title of this page) -> Select desired schedule (if wanting everything, you can click top right icon to select all). Repeat for additional categories.

FYI,This is for iOS app version 4.73 and firmware version 000121.

I have the same.

It seems it’s not possible to have everything run through HA.

For instance:

I have two Relais. The idea was to use one to run an automation which opens the door via https and the second one for another automation.

Then I wanted to use https calls for the rfid tags to run separate automations depending on the tag.

But as I can schedule only ONE https call this is quite not possible.

Hmm. My doorbird doesnt have the RFID functionality and I only have one relay setup so I won’t be of much help, but it sounds like a doorbird limitation. Have you looked through the API ( If the API supports identifying the different RFID tokens then it seems like what you are looking for is theoretically possible.

The issue is not identifying different Tags it’s that you can only listen to 1 scheduled HTTPS Call. I put it into a separate thread. Maybe on of the others can help. Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

Hmmm…it seems there is a workaround. I deleted all https calls and now my event log is getting flooded with each https i configured.

Means: If I configure Relais 1 with a https call and I activate it. The event is Showbusiness every second in the log.

The whole time it was just once.