Belkin Wemo motion sensor and philips hue

Hello everybody,

I discovered home-assistant yesterday and I tried for a while to run the Wemo motion sensor with Philips hue but I can not.
The motion sensor and the Hue are detected and I created an automation but it doesn’t work. I suppose because it is not the proper parameters.
This is my last try:

automation :
   alias : turn on light after motion sensor 
   trigger :
     platform : switch
     entity_id : switch.wemo_motion
     state : on
   action :
     service : light.turn_on
     entity_id : groupe.bedroom_notboby

If someone has an idea.
Thanks in advance.

This has been resolved in the chat. (trigger platform should be ‘state’ and action entity id should be ‘group.bedroom_notboby’)

Thank you again :wink: