Wemo motion sensor and Philips Hue

Hello Everybody

I have installed Home Assistant on a raspberry pie, and i have successfully added all my hue lamps as well as my wemo plugs and motion sensors.

I want to make some hue bulbs or a scene turn on with the motion sensor. I tried using information from this post: Belkin Wemo motion sensor and philips hue but without any luck.
I can see my motion sensor picking up motion, and i can control my hue lamps manually. I just cannot get the automation to work.

My script looks like this:

automation :
alias : turn on light after motion sensor
trigger :
platform : state
entity_id : binary_sensor.wemo_motion
state : on
action :
service : light.turn_on
entity_id : light.bedroom

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What happens when you trigger the automation directly (click on it in UI, then click on “trigger” button)?

I think your problem may be that the state needs quotes.

state: ‘on’

I do something similar.

Your state needs to be ‘on’ not on

Are you sure that is the correct name for the entity id? My Wemo sensor is auto-created as binary_sensor.motion_sensor

If it still doesn’t work, try adding the following
from: ‘off’

I will try that. My SSD in my mac died, so I will have to wait for it to come back from the shop first <.<