Bentel Absoluta Alarm System integration

Hello everyone. I’m looking for a way to integrate my Bentel Absoluta Security System into Home Assistant. Has anyone ever done it yet? The only thread I could find about it is this: Ajax alarm system, but nobody talks about Bentel Absoluta…

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I started working on an integration by looking at the iOS App and reverse-engineering the code.

I can connect to the Absoluta server and get a session ID, but for some reason the server doesn’t accept the session ID that it sends, so it’s impossible to send commands to my alarm panel.

I’m not an expert in JS, which is what the app uses, so for now I’m stuck…


Is there anything I can do in order to help you?

I made some more progess. I was able to get the app to run in a browser on my PC, and now I have an entire series of requests and responses between the browser and the server(I tried arming and disarming my system from the browser on my PC and it worked flawlessly), and it looks very simple to understand. Unfortunately I can’t share it because it contains the data for my system but I’m working on it. As soon as I have something without personal data that I can share I will.


I made some more progress tweaking the script code because it was giving me random errors because it’s expecting a phone and not a browser, and now it’s running perfectly. In the next days I’ll try and document the API as best I can. I can’t share any of my work because it’s against the EULA and I shouldn’t have done it at all, let alone share it. For now this is where I am:


Unfortunately I reached a point where I don’t know how to proceed with my work. I have a Python script that successfully talks to the server, authenticates with the PIN, and can send commands, but I can’t get the server to send any data to me. All I know is that it uses the Atmosphere framework, and I can complete a handshake successfully, but whenever I make a request I don’t receive any information back, I just get a heartBeat event, instead of a pageReady or pageChanged like you can see from the screenshot in my previous post.
If someone has experience with Atmosphere and wants to help please DM me.


Hi, i connected my bentel alarm with Home assistant using receiver ip functionality, but because i spent a lot of time of developing time i decided to not release this addon for free.
I’m packaging everything and i will sell license soon for low amount.

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I have a bentel absoluta ABS42.
I would connect it with my home assistant.
Which are your addon’s features?
How much do you sell the license?

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Hello, Thank you for your work. Will the addon be compatible with all the Bentel Absoluta Systems?
Does it recognize every sensor and is it able to control everything on the system?

Cerco anchi’io il modo di integrare Absoluta Plus in Hassio. C’è un modo ? Grazie per la risposta e per chi riesce a condividere le info.

I am also looking for a way to integrate Absoluta Plus into Hassio. There’s a way ? Thanks for the reply and for those who can share the info.

I’m sorry but my product is closed source.

What is surely possible is to raise a logical output when a defined zone is active.
Eventually it’s possible to raise an output also if there’s an alarm.

Then you can sense the logical output with some object like Shelly 1v3 or Shelly i3, using alarm control panel DC current. I’ve personally simply used a shelly 1v3 (but also other ESP may do same thing) to sense if alarm is active or not, like a switch that senses a differente voltage.

Then you can do some automations with it.

It seems that the Bentel K-NET module can be configured to send SIA strings to an UDP address.
Maybe it could work integrating it with Eduard’s SIA Alarm Systems integration.

I’ve seen this on the knet module datasheet, but I have no knowledge about it to be able to configure it… If you manage to do it let us know!

The K-NET module is for KYO panels only, it will not work with Absoluta panels.

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OK so I finally finished writing a Node.js app that communicates over MQTT and has ALL the features from the app(logs, arming/disarming, live sensor status…).

I’m now reading up on how to make a HASS integration. I’m dedicating all the time possible to this project, I’ll post updates as soon as I can.

If someone has experience coding integrations and wants to help out please send me a message. All of the functionality is already here and working, all that’s missing is a HASS integration.


wow, really nicomedia?
you are a great!!!

Hi, I’m interested in your Node.js app. Do you think you’ll share your work? How can I directly contact you?

Good news! I finished coding the MQTT interface to HASS and it works! I get live sensor data to HASS directly from the server. I’ll start to code the alarm panel part so you can arm/disarm the system in the next few days. Please be patient, it’s a big project and I’m just one person. I’ll keep you updated.


Thank you very much!