Best Aircon Brand For Control

Good day,

I need to buy some aircons for the house.

My biggest worry atm is I need them to work with Home assistant.

i bought a LG fan last month and was wildly disappointed with the features provided via the hoas integration. I can only turn it on or off, so speed modes, no power monitoring or anything.

Can anyone comment on the following brands with regards to HA integrations.

I want to be able to turn on / off, change the set point and largely monitor the power consumption without having to install a shelly on it.

Samsung AR8500
LG Dual Inverter
Jet Air

I have no issues with either my split system or ducted Daikin aircons. Fully controllable.

You need to be careful to choose a model that is supported though. Ask the dealer what wifi module is supported.

How do I know what the right model is?

Thats why I’m asking on the forums. If I say wifi to an installer here in Africa they will say no they installing an aircon and look at you funny.

You can look up the models and the wifi adapters they use on Daikin’s website.

There are ESP solutions posted here for both Midea and Daikin.

Both of these look pretty straightforward to set up and seem pretty much universal, but double check the supported models in the respective thread just to be sure. Personally, I’d narrow it down to a couple of models then hunt down the service manuals or online images, just to be sure you have the connectors required on board.

You don’t need either of those if you buy the right model. Both my ducted and split system work locally without need for any 3rd party adapters.

I know, and you’re not wrong, but:

I figured that if his suppliers are not forthcoming with info, at least he’s got a fallback