Best dishwasher for Home Assistant

I have a really old dishwasher but it was easy to automate: turn the knob to the right program, but only give it power with a smart switch when the electricity price is low.

Now my trusty dishwasher just broke, so what new diswasher on integrates best with Home Assistant?

Have a look at



Dishwashers are fairly cheap to run.
Our isn’t smart either but we use the “delay” button to just make it start in the night by just pressing it a few times.
Since it’s not the most expensive appliance then that is good enough.
I would rather spend the money on a dishwasher that opens automatically when it’s done than a smart one.


Thanks @loovanloon, do you have experience with one of those yourself? It seems like they both require a cloud connection, and I’d really like to do everything locally. It shouldn’t be a rediculous request but with the current smart home landscape it almost seems to be.

@Hellis81 with my old machine I felt it was worth it as a cycle consumed 1.5kWh. But maybe the new ones are much more efficient? It was just a good feeling to know I got the cheepest hour at night and we got into the habit of just filling, closing, sleeping emptying.

My dishwasher died last week and the only available one that would fit in the space was Bosch. I didn’t realise at the time it was ‘smart’, but my family don’t believe me.

I don’t have off-peak or solar electricity, so I have not tried delaying the start, but it could be done fairly easily. I’ve started it from the app just to try, but not HA as yet. After all, you have to stand in front of it to load detergent, so unless you want a delayed start, you might as well press the buttons.

I get a notification when the wash has finished, but it doesn’t tell you about the rinse-aid level, which is a missed opportunity. Since HA knows when the door is opened, you could also automate reminders to empty it once the wash has finished.

Having said all that, the layout of the baskets is more important to me than integration, and the Bosch does not score well in my opinion. I just didn’t have a choice without remodelling the kitchen.

Yes about those numbers.
But given that a washing machine consumes about the same PER hour and a dryer uses about three times as much per hour.

If you set it to start late evening or night and have the washing machine running for about 4 hours (which is common with new machines) then you will probably hit that hour where the price is the lowest and their neighbors also.

Finding a locally controlled appliance like this is impossible today.
In 10 years, perhaps.
As far as I know all these appliances and manufactures use the same cloud based control, Home connect.
Let’s just say everyone has issues with it for simplicity.
I doubt it’s because of the integration even when I use the API endpoints myself there are issues from time to time.
And most appliances require you to enable remote start every flipping time you close the door/hatch

I don’t think it’s worth it.
As I said make sure it opens instead and use the delay. That will get you a long way.
The “smart” ain’t so smart in these appliances yet and it’s cloud based and everyone has issues setting it up.
The most basic things you would want the APIs to report is not available.
I believe this is a gimmick for people who don’t know real automation at this stage.
Someone who is impressed that you can remote start something with the phone is probably the target audience for these appliances as I see it, not us.


Yes, the sad reality of “smart” appliances. I was so happy with my setup of the really “dumb” dishwasher. It’s such a shame too that I have found the problem but there are no spare parts! Or if I found it it’d probably be really expensive.

I have a Bosch dryer, about 3 years old. It does its core job very good.

You have to activate the remote start function every time on the fysical machine itself when you want to use remote start. It is a security policy. But hey, you also have to put in the clothes yourself and have to close the door yourself. :slightly_frowning_face:

It runs 2.4Ghz WiFi only. The native Home Connect app is bloated. But that is where HA is for.

If you don’t have solarpanels, I don’t see a point in a smart dishwasher/dryer. If you have split tarifs, using a machine with a delay timer is good enough imo.

But by some reason they allow

without pressing another button. :man_shrugging:

The issue with the button is that you might have found something you want to add in the appliance, in my case I have a washing machine and for instance my daughter comes with her favorite dress.
You can’t say no to that. So you open the door and add it to the wash and leave. But because you didn’t press the button after closing the door the machine can’t be remote operated.

Just what happened to me last night… I have a connected candy dryer but only use the delay start. It’s nice to get a notification when it’s finished though. And there’s a HA integration so I could firewall it from going online and still get the connectivity :smirk:

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I settled on a Bosch. Good reviews, a good price, and wifi as a plus did it for me. Let’s see how happy I am with it.

You can set a “Permanent Remote Start” thru the app, so you don’t have to activate it in the dishwwsher all the time… At your risk…

Don’t allow the kids to hide themselves inside the dishwasher while the door is closed and you probably will be good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way, I have one since almost one year ago… it is a nice dishwasher, silent… But the connection to the server is not the more reliable. It works most of the time, but it fails sometimes.
When the dishwasher looses the connection to the server you can control using the app when in the same LAN, but Home Assistant Integration doesn’t support local comms.

There is an “alternative” integration you can find on HACS… I’ve never tried this, yet, but looks like they have a quite active development, so looks promising and I will probably give a try some day to see if it fixes the connection issues I have from time to time.

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i did this


I installed the alternative Home Connect integration from HACS. It is sophisticated. I’ll stick to it! Thanks for the tip

The option for permanent remote start is nice, however it is not available on my dryer. I checked with my dryer in de Home Connect app iOS:

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Dishwasher seems to have that option too but my oven does not.

It kind of makes sense to disallow for an oven, you need to put the food in, usually once. My dishwasher routine has been to put the dishwasher tablet in sometime during the day, then fill it bit by bit and make sure its closed when I go to bed. Very different from “I want to cook this in a few hours.” A dryer it would make more sense for, but maybe the safety aspect takes over there.

Ooh, did you say local LAN support through the app @EdwardTFN ? There is some hope for a non-cloud solution then!

I’ve see some cases where the app says the dishwasher isn’t connected to the server, but still connected locally:

I’m not sure now if I was capable to control the device when in this state. I’m pretty sure it is possible.
I’m not sure if this is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. I’m pretty sure it was Wi-Fi.
I will try to collect more info next time… I would love to have local control from Home Assistant so I’m more than happy to find some time to invest on this.

I got a dump dishwasher (bosch serie4) - it remember the washing state when I cut the power… so a plug is a cheap solution

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Hi I’m now looking for a new dish washer as mine is starting to act up and not wash properly. I have no idea how old it is as it came with the house when we bought it so I think it’s time for a new one. I did like the look of the Bosch and I’m curious if you have remote start functionality. My electricity rate changes every 30 minutes so I too am looking for something that will start when it’s cheaper.

As I mentioned above, it happens from time to time that my Bosch dishwasher loose connection to HA for a while, but other than this it is controlled by HA and can remotely start (it was enabled once using the app and now is available without requiring to enable it in the device every day).
I also have my electricity price changing frequently (every 1h in my case) and I keep the dishwasher ready to go right after removing the clean dishes, then one automation on HA will start it automatically using the Eco program when the electricity is at cheapest during that day.
It works like a charm for me.

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