Best light-administration HA displays?

I’d like to set up some displays around the house that basically show specific HA dashboards (some wall-mount, and some sitting on a shelf, maybe), and I’m looking for something with relatively simple hardware and very simple administration.

My dream would be that I could connect the display to the network (wifi or wired), adopt it in home assistant, and tell it which dashboard to display. (Perhaps if I’m being really fancy I could also use some automations to turn it on or off… and maybe to change which dashboard is being displayed?) That’s it. I don’t want some old Android tablet that is full of bloatware that I need to manually update every 3 days because of some new security patch, and I don’t want to have to manage 5 more devices each with user accounts and unique passwords, etc. And while I love Raspberry PIs, I don’t know what software to install to let them behave as described above (not to mention that it can be a bit tough to manage too many PIs…)

I’d like something relatively physically appealing (not a circuit board duct taped to a bare LCD screen held to the wall with plumbers tape). I’m willing to spend a bit if that’s what it takes, but I don’t want something messy (visually or administratively). For example, I love the form factor of the Unifi Connect screens but to the best of my knowledge they don’t play nicely with Home Assistant…

Any advice? Thanks!!

Sonoff NSpanel.
See this post NSPanel. Maybe a bit costly, no wired network wifi only, as far as i know.
You can load the companion app and set the dashboard each device should show as default.

Thanks! 2 quick questions:

  1. Do I have to use a manufacturer’s app to configure it or is that just to get it connected to the wifi the first time?
  2. Is this a cloud integration?

Basically, if the “sonoff” company were to disappear tomorrow – no app, no cloud, etc. – would these devices still continue to work and be configurable?



Please see the side app procedure and after that it should be local.
Blakadder blog
Youtube tutorial

Hope it helps.