Sonoff NSPanel Pro (Android-based) in-wall 4-inch smart display with touch screen by ITead available for pre-order

ITead Sonoff NSPanel Pro upcoming Android-based smart home control panel for in-wall installation:

Right now they have flash/early/special-price for pre-order with info that final retail price will be $119.90

It primarily communicates over Wi-Fi and has a 3.95-inch HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen display (480x480 color TFT LCD supporting multi-touch) + an integrated 1 WATT speaker and digital microphone for local panel-to-panel two-way intercom calling feature for in-house communication between rooms if you have several panels in your home, (and potentially for smart speaker functionality though unclear if you could run Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa on it or not?), as well as a built-in light sensor.

Confusingly, despite having “NSPanel” in its name and having a similar in-wall form factor + design/housing this new “NSPanel Pro” is based on Android Oreo 8.1 operating system running on a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A32 CPU + Mali-G31 GPU with 2GB RAM and 8GB eMMC Flash Storage, (instead of running an ESP32 like the original NSPanel which could be hacked with ESPHome or Tasmota), and it does not have any physical buttons or have integrated physical power relay switches so it should really not be compared to the first Sonoff NSPanel (which is not based on Android OS). It is based on completely different technology and is almost certainly technically not compatible in any way with the first non-Android based Sonoff NSPanel. This new “NSPanel Pro” is more comparable to a small wall-mounted Android tablet or a smart display (like Google Nest Hub / Google Home Hub), however, like the first non-Android-based Sonoff NSPanel, this new panel is also meant to only act as a smart scene wall switch and not have the full functionality of an Android tablet, so like the original NSPanel it can be a great in-wall device for controlling lights, smart schenes, smart thermostats, DIY security alarm systems, getting pop-up real-time feeds from local security-cameras/video-doorbells (via RTSP), or other custom control like for example energy consumption information widgets.

Optionally you can buy a stand-alone “Desk Enclosure Stand for NSPanel Pro” for it if you do not want to install it as an in-wall unit, and that way it will more or less look more like a small smart display or smart alarm clock instead (making it look similar to Lenovo Smart Clock 2 and Amazon Echo Show 5).

Sonoff NSPanel Pro comes with a built-in Zigbee 3.0 module as well so is also meant to make it also act as an independent proprietary Zigbee gateway/hub for Sonoff-branded Zigbee devices that in the future will presumably have the exact same default feature-set as ITead’s Sonoff ZBBridge and Sonoff ZBBridge Pro (Zigbee gateways/bridges/hubs), meaning that you will initially be able to directly join/pair your Sonoff-branded Zigbee devices to this NSPanel Pro and have it act as a Zigbee controller/hub, (their marketing material also mention that support for standard Zigbee 3.0 light devices in Philips Hue and IKEA Trådfri series is planned for the future), those Zigbee devices as well as ITead’s Sonoff WiFi based devices can then presumably be controlled via the panel directly, over local network via the inofficial SonoffLAN integration by AlexxIT, (if local LAN-mode is available), or future support for their official eWeLink Remote cloud service.

Their published roadmap timeline also mentions planned future features like; OTA update support, Yeelight Lights support, HTTP Server, Bluetooth BLE Mesh, and Matter (Project CHIP) support as future functions.

Warning! It is a bit unclear and not confirmed, but before ordering one note that the initial version of the in-wall power-supply part of the model with European “EU Type” at least looks to have a relatively large size being 60mm in diameter which means it will probably not be able to fit inside all in-wall electrical junction box, (also known as; electrical outlet box, switch box, wall box, can box, jbox, 1-gang junction box, and other synonyms or antonyms), as many of such electrical junction boxes themselves can have only 60mm or less as their inside diameter size. …this was by the way also a known problem with the original NSPanelö so personally, I do not understand why they did not go out of their way to resign the in-wall power-supply part in order to make it smaller so that it could fit into all European electrical junction boxes without any issues, so this could potentially cost them many potential customers.

A few YouTubers/vloggers/bloggers like @MarkWattTech, @digiblur, NotEnoughTECH, and some others have been sent early pre-release versions of the device for a first-look preview ahead of its official public announcement/launch and the current consensus seems a bit lacklustre to say the least around the fact that while the hardware seems to be relatively nice for its price so at least that showing is showing potential, the existing firmware even after the updates that they received over the past months they report that its feature set is still missing many if not most essential features that one would really expect to be included and working from the start, so it sadly seems far from production ready as of right now.

It does sound as if this should have instead been launched as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Therefore early adopters looking to pre-ordering it now should be prepared to bet on more features and functions being added in future and trust that either ITead/Sonoff keep developing it and releasing official firmware updates for it or that community hackers manage to root this device so independent developers can add more unofficial features and functions to it. At least it is my understanding that this product will probably remain an ongoing development project for quite some time, even after it becomes available for shipping.

Recent blog posts and videos from @blakadder (who hacked original NSPanel) shows he got one too:

I did check to see if I could get a shell on the USB port over ADB and indeed you can. It is running Android 8.1 but I couldn’t get fastboot to detect it to see if the bootloader was locked. But given the hardware and software, it probably isn’t worth the battle given all the the other tablet options out there.

I thought the initial one was pretty bad but they definitely figured out how to make it worse. Right up there with Slim Cam product they released. Horrible.


I find the price a little lot to high… US$ 150.-!!! I can get three cheap Amazon FireTablets for this, and have way better support for nearly all the things I want to do with it.

Even if I only need a small monitor, I can always work with a Nextion or Waveshare display, for half the cost (including a Pi or ESP), but having a tested and workable solution.

For me, it’s totally going against the expected target group. If I want something Android, I can get cheap tablets, that do the job without problems (and an Android version that is not out-of-date). If I want Pi or ESP, there are already hundreds of displays out there to get the job done.

If I don’t care about all of that, it’s missing the key points: connectivity to existing systems like HA.

So why would one like to buy an outdated, small and overpriced Android based monitor?

Sorry, can’t see the advantages against the “normal” NSPanel. Which I find very cool and hope to get my hands on one in the near future (fingers crossed). :slight_smile:

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now down to $89.90 and with the new work from Blackadder, this seems to be a far more viable option…order placed and awaiting a nice package soon

Could you elaborate more on the work from Blackadder? Also, have you received it? If so, what are your thoughts?

FYI, community member Blakadder is tinkering with the Sonoff NSPanel Pro and he has ongoing documents the internal workings as he comes along so he continuously updates his webpage and YouTube videos about his findings and hacking progress, with the most recent updates being ADB access (i.e. rooted/unlocked) which among other things adds the option for sideload/sideloading support for loading custom Android apps and also to update WebView and more on the Sonoff NSPanel Pro.

Tip is follow Blakadder’s blog and check for updates as has had access to one for a while and looks like he keeps documenting updates on hacking it there:

Missed that Tuya apparently now makes an Android-based 4-inch control panel called “T6E” which looks almost identical to Sonoff NSPanel Pro by ITead, so have started a separate topic for that, but have to say that it looks so very similar that suspect that ITead’s Sonoff NSPanel Pro is a Tuya T6E?

Very interesting progress is that Blakadder has now managed to run a full Zigbee2MQTT instance natively directly on a similar T6E panel for running Z2M as a stand-alone Zigbee gateway on a T6E based panel → Run Zigbee2MQTT on T6E Android Smart Home Panels | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans

Note that it looks like he had to first manually reflash the Silicon Labs EFR32 Zigbee chip with another firmware image (using a USB Serial Flasher / USB to TTL Programmer) in order to make the Zigbee Coordinator compatible with Z2M’s EZSP adapter, which is something that is listed as experimental (or “beta” stage) for Zigbee2MQTT as support for Silabs EZSP adapter code is still in the relatively early development in the zigbee-herdsman libary that it depends on, (and is in need of additional testers and developers before it will become more mature), see →

Sorry if it’s a silly question, but what’s the point running z2m on such devices? It’s not meant to run home assistant generally, and having just z2m running makes 0 sense. What needs to be done - layout building wrapper android app(there’s even existing tools to make templates via JSON json_dynamic_widget | Flutter Package) which allows to have side loaded app to be running in kiosk mode(with proximity sensor fully working) and render out any templates/info

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I have the HA companion app side loaded. Is there any way to get notifications to pop-up? or some other way to get messages to display on the panel. In particular, I am trying to get Frigate camera detections to show. Ideally showing the image of what was detected.

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I think I may have destroyed my NSPanel Pro while trying to install Homeassistant :X… My device only starts in factory mode where only Chinese characters are displayed. With Google Lens, I was able to translate it and at least restart the EWELink app on the device. However, the device no longer receives a QR code to add it to the app on my phone.
When I try to reset the device with the 5 reboots, as described by Blakadder, it does not start a factory reset but goes to the Android recovery menu where I can navigate with the button on the PCB, but cannot select anything (a power button is needed for this). Does anyone have any ideas?

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You can navigate with the boot button on the pcb. Long press boot button should emulate select but it depends on your recovery firmware. What version was on the board? Can you explain what did you do exaclty?

Btw, I could reflash the board but it needs physical connection and I assume that we are not in the same country :frowning:

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Another device, which is interesting: ESP32- 3.5 Inch 480x320 TFT Capacitive Touch Display(RGB) with Chip ILI9488

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Someone know if it’s possible to turn on the display of the panel (connected with home assistant) based on an event? So, if in home assistant i get an error on some sensor, turn on the backlight of the LCD to bring attention to the problem?

Maybe i’ve found a way using androidtv integration, that send adb commands, and the command to power on the display is androidtv.adb_command parameter: POWER

I still have a problem, my panel don’t do nothing sending the keyevent 3 shell command…

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you can use browser_mod on hacs, works well

I’m looking for a small display that doesn’t even have to be touchscreen.
All it has to do is to display 3 different temperatures, time and date and has to turn the screen off at night and turn back on in the morning.
From scale of 1-10 (skill level in home assistant), how hard would it be to set it up?
I like the neatness of this panel, can build it in the wall like this

Hi Siemens,
I am facing precisely the same issue. Were you able to fix it ?


Hi, after long press the boot button, the highlight will become green color, but how to execute? Once I release the boot button, the highlight will jump to next selection. would like to downgrade from v1.7 to v1.5, I have the firmware file & OTG USB flash drive as well. I believe select the “apply update form USB card” & the firmware file need to put on OTG USB drive. I not sure what file name should put on firmware file.

I solved the problem by not downgrading the v1.7. I use the method below

When the Nspanel is started and you press the “Windows”+“N” key on the keyboard, you get see the Quick Settings display. Here you can access the settings. There you can activate the USB in the developer options. Now the launcher.apk can be installed via adb.

In this way, I can acess the panel using adb command again.