Best practice moving from sd-card to ssd raspberry


I am running Hassio on a Raspberry pi 3B.
Now I want to move from sd-card to ssd
I want to keep as much settings as possible, now i wonder what is the best method :

  1. Install new version and restore snaphot
  2. make image of sd card and put it on ssd with etcher (ssd = larger than sd)
  3. Fresh install and copy config- folder from backup

I could try every method myself, but because copying takes lots of time I would like to hear from others who did this before.

Thanks in advance


As far as I know this was only possible with the previous Resin os and not yet possible with HASSOS


I tried 1) once. The full snapshot didn’t restore all the files and I had to keep restoring the snapshot to get it partially working. Not everything was working so I moved to 2)

I had two same size SD cards, but made by different manufacturers. I wasn’t able to re-image the card and eventually moved to 3)

Basically I did a full install from scratch and used my old config files. Still had to re-authorize a few components but it worked, just took several hours to complete.

I hope you have better luck than me.


Thank you for your answers. I try a fresh install.
I wrote most recent image to the ssd, but first install fails. Error says :retry count exceeded;starting again and after that nothing happens.
Reason can be a bad ssd, but i will try to install an older version first.


With the SD card issues, it would be nice to use an SSD.


I use a ssd for several weeks now with
Works fine for me.
When copying image file with Etcher you have you have to check “Unsafe mode” in settings.

At first I did not do that resulting in errors at first boot on my RPI


Is there anything else to it? Do you just plug an SSD with USB into one of the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi and your off to the races? Said another way, is there any kind of setup or configuration required to tell the raspberry pi to use the SSD?

Also, what are you using for an SSD?


I use X850 mSATA SSD storage expansion board and a Vaseky V800 Mini 1.8 inch MSATA Solid State Drive.

Here you can read how to change your configuration
To change this I first booted from a sd-card with jessie-lite so I could change boot-mode


Today I wanted to do a fresh install of Home-Assistant. I did not succeed :frowning:

So now I first installed Raspbian Lite and did a manual installation of home-assistant as described here :

So I if you did not succeed yet you could try this route.