Best supported integrations with other hubs?

I am aware of smartThings and HA integrations.
Is there any other hub that can coexist and exchange stuff with HA. Wink or hubitat or others?

There are a lot :slightly_smiling_face: What is your goal or why are you asking this questiom?

Big house, I have two aeon USB sticks.
I have one running upstairs and works well. For downstairs I am thinking either another instance of ha, found article for multiple instance setup over web sockets.
I was thinking due to open zvawe 1.6 and py wrapper that is still 1.4 to maybe get one of these hubs to get new red series inovelli to work.
I will also need downstairs hub due to development of oil tank and propane tank digital meter to get notifications from tanks.
Does that help?

Your post made me aware of those neat inovelli red switches. I really like that they work with existing 3/4way (I put lots of 3/4way in my home). Do these switches not fully work when the latest ozw is used (example config using new ozw)?

Catch, yeah that must be a big home (maybe also lots of rf noise) if you can’t get to the downstairs within 4 zwave hops. You gotta think hard on this one though… managing 2 instances is roughly twice the work. If it can be done with strategically placed repeaters then that would be much simpler.

Okay I think I understand your needs much better now :wink: You could put a Pi with an Aeotec stick downstairs and then link the two instances through home-assistant-remote.

I will probably use actually comp with debian installed.
I need Pi’s for tanks to get those to read oil and propane levels and report on it …
Yes house is big (5000sq/feet) and there is tons of walls and all.
Inovelli works upstairs and it does reports usage in W and KW. pretty cool.
When pywrapper for OZW is up to speed and HA is enhanced I think it will be great…
Thanks for helping …

My Hubitat MQTT app will be in public beta in about a weeks time. Final alpha test almost complete with a lot of testers…

It supports discovery (and control) from HA via statestream and advertises HE devices via HA MQTT Discovery. So both directions available. Also supports homie3 protocol.

Cool, could we get repo link to check it out…

thanks for the link to home-assistant-remote. Author is not clear to me at least on setup for both slave and master.
My auth just does not work, token or api-passsword(depreciated)
can’t get it to work!

Can you show your config please? As far as I can remember you don’t need to configure anything in the remote machine except for an access token.