Best SwimingPool monitoring solution: ORP, Ph, temp

I’m looking for an easy to build, not too expensive solution to monitor my swiming pool water quality.
I have read many things on internet and it seems that OPR + Ph are a must have. Temperature would be a plus.

From what I have seen on internet, this project seems to check all the boxes:

@mzakharo: your project is very nice and seem easy to implement. If I understand correctly, your code calculate automaticaly the Chlorine ppm level from ORP and Ph readings, right ?
So from there I will be easy to create a simple automation to control my filtration/electrolyseur.

I found also this nice project RaspiPool, but seem abandonned by the owner:

This project is very nice but there is no ORP.

It is also possible to buy some ready to use products like this one that seem compatible with tuya local integration.
This one is even cheaper than @mzakharo, but I guess the probes quality is different.

Any other interesting project ?

Does anyone has a feedback on durability and fiability of atlas proves vs yieryi solutions ?

What does that mean?

Oxidation reduction potential. The ability to disinfect water.

No new info about the DIY projects…
So I ended up buying this cheap chinese product on aliexpress. "pH-W18 Yieryi-Tuya Smart WiFi, PH ORP, TDS, EC SALT S "

It work perfectly under home assistant with Tuya Local integration (be careful there is also a different integration called “local tuya”).

Now we’ll see how long the probe work and how frequently it need a calibration.

As I use it for a swiming pool I will also need to adapt the 4 probes to my filtration system. For that I will use that kind of adapter and a 3D printed cable gland to adapt a 19mm cable (the probe) to the 1 1/4 inch thread.
I plan to print it in ASA and polish it with acetone vapor using a rice cooker (easy and cheap method).