Best Way to Control Somfy Motors


I’m currently building a new house where we will be using a mix of Glydea and Sonesse motors from Somfy. I know other have asked this question in the past but I’m looking for updated input without hijacking other threads.

Right now I’m trying to research the best way to control the blinds and curtains. If you have any experience with using either solution I would like to hear your input.



  • Works with HA trough RFXcom etc.


  • Not bi-directional. Position of motors not disclosed to HA?



  • Glydea motors has z-wave module available.
  • Works with HA like other z-wave devices.


  • Not bi-directional. Position of motors not disclosed to HA?
  • Sonesse motors does not have built in Z-wave. Will need an extrenal z-wave shutter/roller module.

IO Control


  • Bi-directional so HA knows the position of motors and sliders can be used in interface.


  • Requires Tahoma or Connexoon gateway.
  • Requires Internet connection and API access.


It looks like Somfy is now offering Zigbee solutions as well but only for US market?

In an ideal world I would like a solution that can tell me the position of the motor while not requiring Internet access. I want my setup to be a closed environment to the extent possible. Last few days it seems like Somfy has had API issues, which have resulted in users being unable to interact with their motors. Besides there are plenty of stories about API access getting closed down. Just look at Nest.

So what is your experience? Is it correct that RTS and Z-wave will not be able to disclose position the same way IO Control can?


If you can go with Z-Wave do it. You will not depend on any cloud solution. Ask for wired blinds and plug the roller shutter 3 from Fibaro. You will have bi-directionnal position.

Thanks. I think I will look into Qubino Flush Shutter for the blinds.

I know this topic is pretty old, but did you have success with that solution?


I actually went with a RFXcom module but I have not installed the motors yet as our house is not done. Apparently the z-wave module is not available in Europe so that was a dead end.

However, I have made the install in the wall so if RTS does not perform as intended then I can install a Qubino shutter or similar.

Looking at getting some Sunsetter shades which use Somfy motors. Been researching solutions and originally came across the Somfy MyLink but it seemed pretty expensive in many places (can be had cheaper on eBay). Then a coworker told me about the success he had controlling his fan with Bond and HA and we looked it up and it handles Somfy! I think that’s the route I’m going down. Basically, it’s a wifi to RTS bridge.

Just an update. I’m really glad I went with RTS. Integration went smooth with home assistant and RFXcom. I’m controlling them from a 4 button z-wave wallswitch that I also use to control lights etc. 1 press open, 2 press close and hold means stop. Works really well for our use case.

I’m looking at exactly this but I use my rfxcom for lightwave at the moment. Do you know if i can use it for multiple protocols at the same time?