Somfy blinds

I am in the process of getting some outdoor blinds for one room and indoor blinds for another room.
I want them on a motor, and as far as I could understand from the guy who was here (and reading myself) I can get the outdoor blinds with RTS or IO, while the indoor blinds are just available with RTS. RTS is open, but only one-way communication. IO is locked down, but the blinds will send the status back, and seems to be the plan for the future. For the outdoor blinds is it better to go for io, or RTS as I will then have both blinds on the same system?

He said I did not need to buy a remote for the outdoor blinds as they could calibrate them, but for the indoor ones I had to buy a remote (not sure why). If I wanted to control them with an app I needed to get a Connexoon or Tahoma box as well. As far as I can see the Connexoon can just control io, while Tahoma can control io and RTS? I also read about third-party RTS controllers or a device like Aeotec Nano Shutter to control with z-wave.

I am a bit new to this and it seems very confusing. Anyone have experience with somfy blinds and what is the best way to control them from home assistant? The easiest solution is maybe just to buy the Tahoma box so I can control both io and rts? But it’s an expensive box and seems overkill to just control some blinds. I like the idea of the Nano Shutter, but it seems like much more work. Would I then buy motors without rts or io and fix everything myself? Would then also need one for each blind I guess, which could also get expensive?

He also recommended a sun sensor (sunis io), but I think maybe I don’t need that and could just use hass to check weather and temperature inside?

Thanks for any help.

Blinds I got were RF and just bought a cheap broadlink Rf adapter

If you want the status I guess you could just put in two magnetic switches?

I just live without the status for the moment.

I’m doing that same research right now, and I’ve gotten to the conclusion that it’d be best if I got wired motors and then use fibaro roller shutters to control them via z-wave.

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I am doing same research. Have you seen @kirichkov how fibaro 3 specifies two connection configurations?

But in a nomal cover, the switch is at the radio switch attached to motor I guess. In this case wires cannot be extracted. isn’t it? So this fibaro is useless. Or am I missing something?

If you’re talking about the io and RST Somfy models, yes, I don’t think you can use these z-wave modules. If you have a Somfy io motors, you should direct your research towards . You might be in luck there.

Has one of you made this work? I am doing the same research at the moment.
I am getting roller shutters installed and am looking at how to integrate them into my HA.
The company gave 3 options:

  1. Somfy IO controlled
  2. Somfy RTS controlled
  3. Standard motor with wall switch (build on, not in, wall).

I am thinking to get option 3 and build a Fibaro/Aeotec/Qubino roller shutter controller into it.
Main reason is that it is the cheapest option as I already have an excisting Zwave (and Zigbee) network running on my HA. However I see some issues with the latest Fibaro shutter. So leaning towards Aeotec one (as I read some quality issues for the Qubino one)
I would need to make sure that the switch is a pulse switch though right? Not one of these where you move the switch left and right for up and down?

Hi Menno,

Did you end up installing the Aeotec nano shutter? Do they work for you?

I’m trying myself but they don’t seem to work here :expressionless:


Hi Alexander,

No, not yet. We delayed the whole installation as we are getting some other stuff done to our house coming spring and decided to do all in one go.
So cant help you with this I am afraid.

Good luck!

I have installed my screens now and they work fine with a manual switch. When I tried to install the Aeotec nano shutter nothing worked. Not even the manual switch. Not sure why yet, if it’s a faulty unit or I just wired it wrong. I will try again next week and also maybe try a Fibaro and see if that works.

Hey guys, I’ve got mine to work. In the end the wireing was wrong AND after including the nano shutters to HASS you end up with two entities: an “AEON Labs ZW141 Nano Shutter Switch” and an “AEON Labs ZW141 Nano Shutter Level”.
You need the “Level” entity the control them from HASS.

I’ve attached a photo with my wireing, hope it helps (the right cable is from the screens and the left is from power cable ).



I’m in the process of sending back fibaro shutter 3 (no position feedback, no power feedback on 3/5) and ordering the aeotec ones .
Wish me luck :wink:

Just wanted to say thanks for this informative thread.

Oh boy… The aeonlabs don’t allow to set the up/down time, nor can the end user specify the intermediate position of the shutter. Right now i’m thinking of fixing the fibaro bugs ( power readout->entity refresh / timed power cycle via cheap zwave switch to always get power readouts)… Let me sleep a night on it.

EDIT: Sorry for hijacking your thread, but I often wonder what to buy, and this kind of input is valuable to me, so i thought to return the favour to all the ones that came here by search.

Why not take a standard velux/somfy remote and hardwire the switches to some rpi or sonoff relay? Than add some zigbee door contacts and you will get at least an open/fully closed state in HA.