Best way to edit (complex) picture-elements?

I wonder what’s the easiest way to edit a dashboard with a lot of entities on it…
Right now, my procedure:

  • browser, go to dashboard, enter YAML-mode
  • copy all code to my favorite editor (notepad++ or VS Code)
  • create modifications
  • copy all
  • go back to browser, select all, delete, paste code from clipboard
  • save
  • in another browser window: refresh view to see changes

A lot of steps to do…
Is there an easier way?
Is it possible to refer to an external YAML file? Then I could this file directly from my IDE…


Guess this is not only about picture-elements? Why is this particular card mentioned?

This project is in the early stages, but it does have some promising features like drag and drop. Unfortunately the cards are not standard HA cards, which is a bit limiting.

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I have a floorplan of the 5 floors of my house. Placed a lot of entities on it. The yaml file contains 2840 (!) lines,
Compared to other cards, this card contains much more information and the need for a proper IDE to maintain this config is higher.
But I agree, it would be nice to have the same possibility for other cards too