Best weather platform for Belgium?

Question probably for my fellow Belgian users.
What is the best/most accurate weather platform to choose when living in Belgium?
We live close to the Dutch border so maybe buienradar will do the trick?


I’m also interested to know! There’s a couple but never quite sure which one to use

@thibmaek what do you use actually?

I’m using Darksky and it’s pretty accurate, but to admit I don’t really check that often.
Think Buienradar would be the best option since they provide pretty spot-on forecasts for BE + NL.

I know MeteoVista is also available, not sure if they have an API to use:

Could also be useful to reverse engineer what network calls VRT is using to provide Since they are a public service most of their APIs area easily usable and not rate limited.

@thibmaek Are you still using Darsky or where are you currently relying on?
I checked if i could easily read it from but was not able to extract hourly predictions from there in an easy way

ps: or at least in a way i wanted to use. Surely did not want to use the INFLUX_DB_HOST and credentials which seem included in the source of the page.

Yes, I’m still using Darksky but it might be fun to go down the VRT route and see what they rely on.

Will report back if I have some time.

What is the best option for Belgium ?
I read that Darksky will stop end 2021 ?
Thanks for your answer.

I just added to my dashboard. They provide a url for embedding in an iframe. You can specify your zipcode, background and more.
You can’t easily access the data, but if you have an outside temperature available there’s probably not much you can do with it anyway (at least I wouldn’t rely on weather forecasts for automations)

The inside and outside temperature come from my Daikin airco


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Pity they don’t provide an api. But better than the weather card of 0.109.x

They do have an app for smarphone, perhapse there is an API. Most likely not public.

Hi Ivo,

Just saw your post. May I ask you to share the API integration details?



hey Thibault. ever got this to work? I would love to integrate id=“weather-react” from VRT weer in my hass lovelace, but can’t figure out how to show only that part and not the whole page.

I’ve managed to publish the client to interact with VRT services on pypi: but haven’t found the time to create a HA integration for this.

I found this:

but it seems that everything stated there is the old styling.
i managed to download their icons from their current weather div.

for the moment I made an iframe with some padding and margins on a page on my website, and then use the Webcard view to show THAT page in an iframe…

not what I wanted but i’m not too good with code to create something unfortunately…
thanks for the Info Thibault.

For you and those interested, I created a small Flask app as an example on how you could run these locally for weather info, traffic and radio (which i added today):

thank you Thibault. as Flask is new to me, i’ll read up on it and try to understand how i can implement this in my home assistant…

thank you very much.

I think it depends on the location, as I live in western Flanders I did a comparison between the buienradar and the meteo France integration.
Buienradar gives me conditions from the Cadzand meteo station, Meteo France from the Werviq-sud meteo station.
Cadzand is 60km’s from where I live, Werviq-sud is 25km.
For me, Meteo France is the most accurate, especialy when you take in account the coastal weather differs from the inland.


Sorry but you are all Dutch speaking?

is there also a community in dutch? would be very easy!

Tweakers has an active forum part for Home Assistant.

There is a Dutch home assistant group on Facebook! “HOME ASSISTANT (Dutch)”