Better sensor execution control?

Is it a meaningful functionality to have control over when a sensor gets/picks up data?

I have some scrape, command line and binary sensors getting data from outside the house. Many of them do not need to pick up data during nighttime, and sometimes the best would be to pick up data at specific time during a day, instead of pooling at intervals the whole day.

This would lover system resources and give the user control over sensor behavior. Now the sensor gets data at user defined intervals.

Adding a method/attribute to the sensor class, like a “template_active” (true/false) will give user this control. Please vote if you want this.

I’m guessing you know the clunky work-around to do this with a long scan interval and the update entity service?

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I am a N00b, - have no clue. How?

Anyways, hopping for this functionality imbedded into HA sensor.

Oh for sure having it built in would be way better, I did vote for it, but until that happens you can set a really long scan interval then do this sort of automation (time trigger, time pattern trigger with conditions, the choice is up to you) to update the sensor when you want using the update entity service.

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