Better Thermostat controls

To change the setpoint on the thermostat you have to use a slider. This is OK on a PC.

At 2am when the house is too hot and you’ve woken up sweating, grab your phone and change the setpoint, that slider sucks. The precise finger movements needed at that hour is painful.

Up down arrow buttons would make this easier. Can there be an option for up/down arrows for setting setpoints too?


Yeah, why not? Another solution would be to pop up a balloon with a number above the slider while you drag left or right.

But why not have Home Assistant learn the temperature changes throughout the day and night as well?

Is it possible to add a + / - to the initial thermostat card? If possible also an option in the thermostat properties to set what the step is of the + / - (so if +/- should change the setting with 1 degree of .5 degree etc.)

Thermostat is one of the most essential devices in a home and is used by many in the house. Now you have to click first , that brings up a slider (that is relative small on high resolution devices) and is not that easy to operate.

p.s. maybe there is already a way to do this, but then I could not find it.

@Tyfoon, I would like to see similar feature added. Input Numeric will be easier to control thermostat, climate objects. I would recommend creating a new component “Input Numeric”, a edit box that acepts only number together with up/down arrows. This will improve the climate component.


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Wanted to add more comments on this request to keep the discussion open. First, HA is awesome, I’m really amazed by the work done by the developers putting their free time. Second, I do think it can be improve and make it the best of class automation system.
Finally, the Climate component needs improvement. It needs a better UI, a better more info page with richer controls to set the different attributes (Mode, Fan, Set points etc). The Up/Down numeric control seems to me a better option compare to the slider.

I agree with nearly all of the above as well… I find the controls particularly sparse when using them on a phone… Larger controls and a better look and feel would be nice.

I also agree, a better climate/thermostat control card would be good. I’m going to attempt to build one, if I get it working I’ll submit it for review

Attached my take on the Thermostat view, made with discrete components, I’m very satisfied with the look and functionality. Just hope @turbokongen can fix the operating state values

Hi All,

I’d really like to see button for temp/humidity up and down. I’m install a zoned central heating, I want my family to be able to easily adjust the temperature in which ever room they find themselves in.

We have a mix of wet rads from a thermal store, carbon IR panels, convection heaters and a ducted trombe wall.

I had a play with HA before I started demolishion work. I have ran cables into every room for temp and humidity sensors and lots of hardwired automated products. Making it easy for my family to use is going to be key in convincing my wife I haven’t wasted our hard earned money.

I too am eager to see “Up” / “Down” controls for thermostat control (preferably with 0.5 degree increments). The slider is too fiddly.

I think this can be closed. I believe this is in the latest version.

Agreed, they seem to have implemented exactly as I’ve described above.