BirdNET discussion

Carrying on from the solved BirdNET Feature Request.

In addition to the information in that closed FR topic, some useful links:

BIrdNET-Go link: GitHub - tphakala/birdnet-go: Realtime BirdNET soundscape analyzer (make sure to check out the wiki and discussion sections)

BirdNET-Pi link: GitHub - mcguirepr89/BirdNET-Pi: A realtime acoustic bird classification system for the Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+, and 0W2 built on the TFLite version of BirdNET.

BirdNET-Pi link: GitHub - Nachtzuster/BirdNET-Pi: A realtime acoustic bird classification system for the Raspberry Pi 5, 4B 3B+ 0W2 and more. Built on the TFLite version of BirdNET.

Home Assistant BirdNET-GO add-on: hassio-addons/birdnet-go at master · alexbelgium/hassio-addons · GitHub

Home Assistant BirdNET-Pi add-on: hassio-addons/birdnet-pi at master · alexbelgium/hassio-addons · GitHub

If you connect your BirdNET (Pi or GO) to Birdweather or Have a BirdWeather Puc see this dashboard project: Bird detector sensors and dashboard

Options for displaying Birdnet detections in a markdown card via MQTT: Displaying Birdnet-go detections

The original BirdNet-Pi project seems moribund – but of recent forks, this one seems best: GitHub - Nachtzuster/BirdNET-Pi: A realtime acoustic bird classification system for the Raspberry Pi 5, 4B 3B+ 0W2 and more. Built on the TFLite version of BirdNET.

Hi, thanks for this compilation of links !

Could you please indeed make two corrections to the initial post :

  • birdnet-pi : the Nachzuster’s fork solves many issues : x64 support, lighter on resources with a optimization (works on rpi5;4;3 but even Pi Zero-2W), with a recent emphasis on adding UI improvements & feature requests
  • there is also an HA addon for birdnet-pi in my repo here : hassio-addons/birdnet-pi at master · alexbelgium/hassio-addons ( I actually mostly update the b-pi one as it is coded in bash/php/py which is much easier for me to customize


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Done and done.

Also was anyone going to point out I spelled it PirdNET in multiple places? :laughing:


Is there a Dashboard for displaying data from my BirdNet-Pi or its birdweather page? Or do I have to borrow the code that in linked to in this thread?

The BirdNet-Pi is a different device than my Home Assistant server, because I don’t want to run my HA server outdoors. :7)

(Also: thank you, @alexbelgium – this is great!!)

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Thanks ! The original (oldest at least) integration with mqtt of BirdNET pi that I was made aware of by Loyd Bailey is : Show Bird Pi detections in Home Assistant | Phill Price and a discussion Home Assistant Sensor Display Possible Issue · Nachtzuster/BirdNET-Pi · Discussion #20 · GitHub

Ps : my rpi with HA is also in my house and the microphone around 25m away

EDIT : I’ve implemented MQTT push in the birdnet-pi addon ; it will publish detections to the ‘birdpi’ topic to avoid interference with the go addon (based on BirdNET to MQTT publishing for Home Assistant consumption (

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By the way, an interesting resource to add to the main post is how to use a rpi to convert a USB signal to rtsp to be used in Birdnet Pi/Go. This can be a critical factor in migrating Birdnet from a dedicated device to the HA addon. Here is a very detailed description (using mediamtx and ffmpeg) : RTSP + USB Audio - Simultaneous Sources? · mcguirepr89/BirdNET-Pi · Discussion #1006 · GitHub

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Thanks for putting this resource together @tom_l
I just installed the mcquire89 version yesterday on a spare RPi4. Having now read a little deeper, I see it might be wise to shift to a different product/fork - now is the time to do it before I go any further. I had got it down to the two in your list the Nachtzuster and the Birdlink-Go options when I found your post. Is there any feeling for which is the better way to go - I have no particular preference apart from that it does basically the same as what the original BirdNET-Pi does and there is some ongoing active support and development.

I’d be interested to hear other people’s experience of the two options.

I don’t intend to run as an add-on on my Home Assistant Box, but I think some integration would be nice.

Thanks very much again.