Blank or black Nest Cam cards

Hi there for a while now I have been getting blank or black squares for the new Nest Battery camera ( GA01317-US) integration. Seems to work fine with my original Nest Doorbell but none of the cameras.

Does anyone happen to have the same issue and know of a fix?

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Same is happening to me. older Nest devices work just fine. Items on “Google Home” are blank.

So far what I think I have been able to determine here is that in my case at least the Doorbell uses RTSP, where as the Nest Cam Battery uses WebRTC, so that is a direction to start down.

Looking at logging for the Nest Integration, I do not see anything obvious in them that indicated failure to get a video stream at least on the page load of the dashboard.

Going to try and see if I can find how to look at debug logs for the Home dashboard.

Nothing obvious stands out to me after enabling the debug mode, but I created an Issue and attached my logs to it. ( My Apologies for kinda creating links in the items that point at each other. )

At the bottom of the nest integration doc they have the instructions to increase logging levels which is quite nice.

Only the older devices will show a stream or a still, not the new Battery ones that use WebRTC.
It’s possible I am misremembering it and my brain has a short between the Google interface and the one for Home Assistant.

Has there been any resolution to this? I have the same issue. Worked beautifully a few weeks ago but only see a black screen when I look at the camera in home assistant. Even in the entity itself, it’s black. I have a hardwired nest doorbell.


Not for me.

It works in chrome, if I click on the blank image, but not on the dashboard.
It does not work in Firefox. I get “to start WebRTC stream: Nest API error: Error from API: 500: INTERNAL: Internal error encountered.: Internal Server Error” in FF.

Same issues here. I have 3 spot light cams and an indoor cam and none of them work in Firefox. The Nest Hub Max works though. They all work fine in Edge and mobile. Maybe this is an issue that needs to be raised with Mozilla.

Hello, I can share some information on this… If you adjust the code for the card you can force a live stream, but at some point it times out and becomes a static image, so its not very useful atm. If there is a way to monitor when it does time out then some sort of refresh for the dashboard or card could be coded in.

type: grid
square: false
columns: 1
  - show_state: true
    show_name: true
    camera_view: live
    type: picture-entity
    entity: camera.basement_doorbell
    camera_image: camera.basement_doorbell

It works for me if you go into the properties of the card, and select Camera View->live instead of ‘auto’. It took a few seconds after I updated the config, and now my Nest Outdoor Battery cam is showing a live feed in the card.

If I do that, I get 500 errors.

Interestingly even when I use my own code, vs the setting @Uh2 points to, I am now getting that same error when it worked fine before… I wonder if Google pushed something to counter this access, or did some sort of wide sweep to deauth access to user created apps… if you switch it back to auto can you still click on the blank/black thumbnail and see the live view then? I can’t seem to restore any sort of access to the camera at this point

Yes, for me it worked when I switched back to AUTO and clicked on the black thumbnail.

I’m using the semi new(ish) Indoor/Outdoor Battery cams, FYI

Ok, I’m using the Nest Doorbell v2 that’s wired.

Turns out I had to repair the connection to my project.

I just added live streaming using rhe Picture Glance Card dashboard card and it’s working as intended. I used this thread to configure the card

Now that you mention it… I have a Nest Doorbell camera (unsure of the version, it was installed in the house before we moved in)

And it’s the only one out of all my battery outdoor cams that consistently displays the live feed in the thumbnail.

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Interesting … when I manually configured the card using the code I shared up above, while it looked like it was live, it eventually became a static image - only reason I discovered this was because it didn’t swap over to show night time! Hoping the new card works as intended… just need to make sure I am not refreshing the dashboard repeatedly in a short time period as it tends to error out on the number of times you can hammer the API for a manual refresh. Only seems to manifest this when I am configuring the dashboard which leads to lots of reloads