BLE Battery Management Systems custom integration

icon Originally, I just wanted to integrate my battery with a BLE BMS into HA, but I ended up with writing a new custom integration, called BLE Battery Management System as existing methods did not satisfy my needs.

What’s different with my integration?

  • It supports only Bluetooth Low Energy BMS
  • No extra hardware needed
  • It does support ESPhome Bluetooth proxy and thus does not have issues with signal range.
  • Automatic detection of available BMS
  • Uses standard HA properties

Currently, the integration supports two specific BMS

  • Offgridtec LiFePo4 Smart Pro: type A & B (show up as SmartBat-Axxxxx or SmartBat-Bxxxxx)
  • Daly BMS (show up as DL-xxxxxxxxxxxx)

but if you find it useful, I’m happy to take further devices in. Thus, I have also written a short guide on how to extend. See the contribution guidelines for details. So far I only added devices, where I could also test the functionality (mostly with emulated BMS), so please provide tests in case you’d like to raise a PR.

Have a look at GitHub - patman15/BMS_BLE-HA: This integration allows to monitor Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) battery management systems (BMS) from within Home Assistant. if you go interested!

I want to thank, fl4p who inspired me in taking this step and I hope we can soon join forces to add more BMS.