BLE usage on Aruba AP's


I have a a few Aruba AP’s around my house and they support BLE Asset Tracking, a feature I have never used. After loosing my smart watch a few times I decided to look into using it to see if I could track my watch location but I am at a loss on where to start.

Most Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy integrations with Home Assistant work around a bluetooth device being directly connected to HASS but in my situation each AP can forward the information to an RTLS server, an analytics & location engine, some form of Beacon server or BLE Asset Tag Mgmt Server (WS or HTTPS). I am looking for an open source solution to resolve this but then there is the issue of passing this info onto home assistant to be useful.

Has anyone any experience with network connected BLE discovery?

I’d suggest first enabling it and seeing how it works with the aruba software, how quick it is to update vs wifi presence. You may not be able to control how often the blue tooth updates.

I briefly had an unsupported router and I was able, through node red, listen to the log output with a udp node. After that it was just a matter of filtering for my mac and connection status.

What APs do you have at home with BLE? Some of the newer models also have Zigbee in them too.

I am Aruba trained for work and currently use IAP-207 at home.

303H. I have an oddly layed out house and there are 700mm thick stone walls so needed many APs to get coverage. Got these from a place that was getting rid of them and they do the job.

I have an AP-303H here running as a Remote AP. I am currently just using the wired ports. Did not realise they have BLE.

So I took a look at your ap settings, there is an option to export the syslog. There is a dedicated syslog node in nodered, if that doesnt work I believe I used a udp node. Connect it to a debug node and you should get the log output.

Chapter 33 -->Monitoring Devices and Logs -->Configuring a Syslog Server

I doubt I could find out anything but I will be meeting with an Aruba Systems Engineer on Monday if you have specific questions he may be able answer.

I saw there is a web socket available. You could ask could it work with a 3rd party server and the where the documentation for it is.

I doubt there is much documentation. What Aruba OS version are you running?

This is from the data sheet

The 303H Series provides integrated Bluetooth capabilities
to enable Meridian and IoT-based location services, asset
tracking, and mobile engagement services. For expanded
use cases, an IoT expansion radio can be added to support
the Zigbee protocol. These features allow organizations to
leverage the AP as an IoT platform, which eliminates the need
for an overlay infrastructure and additional IT resources.

Apparently my IAP207 have BLE too with similar wording. Since IoT is mentioned, I wonder what else they support other than their Meridian product.

I see this on Websockets. They use it for some of their management servers, apparently. There is also a REST API available for the IAP.

With that link I was able to find the older versions of the api and their details. The newer versions required a login. There is a presence api, I did not see anything specific to bluetooth.

The presence api supplies the connected access point. I assume the existing integration uses this api. I dont have an aruba ap only providing guidance to the op.

Does the existing integration not supply the ap? If one of you could check under dev tools, look for the device tracker it creates and in the attributes is the a mac or ap name?

It appears the PA can track BLE tokens to some extent. I am nor sure how it could get to HA though.

They support BLE and Zigbee. Here is some more config how to’s. I’m still looking for an open source system to make use of the data.

Support for Azure-IoTHub, EnOcean IOT and Google exists.