Blinds Automation, can you help me?

i have 2 questions, but first i show you my configuration:
i have HA in version 0.60.1 and my blinds are without servo, but a type like this:

So, the best choice is to use the SonOff with MQTT or eMylo® AC 220V with Broadlink?
And, in case, which is the command in MQTT to control UP/DOWN the blind? because i use sonoff with a light and is a simply ON/OFF command, but in case of blinds?

Thank you very much for your time :slight_smile:

Which Sonoff will you use? If it is a Sonoff basic you will need two of them, if it is a Sonoff dual on is enough

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Thanks for the reply.
I have a SonOff Dual R2, so i can use one sonoff… no problem, thanks.

But i don’t know whick commands i need to use the sonoff with blinds :frowning: because (if possible) i want two buttons with “Open” and “Close” , so the blinds open and close with only one click… then maybe a button or a slider for the medium adjustments… i don’t know :frowning: how can use this sonoff?

Which firmware are you using in the Sonoff dual?

Sonoff-Tasmota 5.11.1 by Theo Arends

You can see here how to configure in HA:

After you configure the two relays of the Sonoff Dual, create an automation to activate the UP and DOWN functions. UP connected to one relay and DOWN to the other relay.

Thank you, now i try.
But, for you, the best choice is SonOff or Broadlink and Radio eMylo?

What exactly do you have installed? The video is about a system that has an Arduino.

I prefere the Sonoff for simplicity. To use eMylo you need a second device.

For now i made only tests…
I have a raspberry with HA, use SonOff for two lightts and now i want to try the blinds, never use Arduino or other devices. I have only a Broadlink rm pro (a present) so i don’t know if is the best choice or if the best way is the Sonoff Dual for test the blinds :slight_smile:

Sonoff is really perfect stable? Do you have any problems maybe?

I was asking about what blinds do you have… I’m using more than a dozen Sonoff running Espurna firmware for several months without a problem

The blinds are the same of the video (in the link) ,i don’t want the same system with Arduino, but the video show you which type of blinds i have :slight_smile:

And what motor do you have to move the blinds?

Uh i don’t know :frowning: a normal motor buyied in a place here, in Italy

230 volts motor?

Yes, sorry i don’t remember the producer :frowning:

You’ll be OK with the Sonoff Dual!

Ok, thank you. so i can try to flash with Tasmota Firmware and then try with the blinds… because i have some problems :slight_smile: (with sonoff basic i made it in 2 minutes -.- )
Thank you!

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Just make sure you don’t activate both relays at the same time.

yes, sure! Thank you… now i search a solution for my Dual R2 and maybe for block the double switch activation in the same time.