Blue Iris Integration Tutorial

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If you add more RAM, then the hardware would be sufficient to run BlueIris, but I would run it in a VM, not using Wine, otherwise I can guarantee you that you will run into a lot of issues just trying to get it to start. Performance will also be affected greatly, since Wine cannot pass through hardware directly.

I don’t like the fact that I have to run windows with blue iris, so I’m planning to run windows in a VM and see if that works for me. Or maybe run windows natively and Linux in a VM. I don’t know …

I’m guessing it’d be a mess to run in Wine, especially since the configuration is in the Windows registry. IMO you’ll need to run Windows on hardware or virtual if you want to use BI. Anything else would just be asking for problems down the road.

Something not totally related, is there a way to trigger a blueiris recording via Hassio when a Hassio sensor is triggered?

Might be user error here but I can’t get the all cameras cycle to…cycle cameras.

It just displays them exactly as the all cameras stream camera.

Anyone know why?

Anyone knows how to create a trigger if a squirrel is detected? I want to blast my irrigation if my camera detects a squirrel on my lawn :slight_smile:


I am just playing with this now. Does anyone know how to change Blue Iris logging so the Home Assistant login is not logged. Currently I am using it with the IP Address entered as not needing a password, but every 2 seconds I see an entry for the homeassistant PC connecting to Blue Iris and it is making it hard to monitor other connections.

Intel QuickSync works great if you still havent tried it. Best if you have the machine dedicated to Blue Iris with a Core i5 NUC.
That said, depending on cameras and makign sure you use direct to disc recording, your CPU will stay low without GPU passthrough.
I run ProxMox with Win10 VM for Blue Iris on a Core i7-4790, giving the VM 8 cores (4 cores hyperthreaded = 8 vCores) and 16GB Ram. I use 6x Reolink RLC-520 (5mp) and CPU usage on the VM averages about 35% with no GPU passthrough.

Did you solve your CPU usage issue? I think it could be related to streaming a mjpeg stream and BI doing decoding stuff, but not sure.

@brendan sort of, I bought a new PC :laughing: It is used mostly for Blue Iris and my plex server so I haven’t noticed any issues.

ok, I’ve been fighting with this reading everything I can find, I can’t get it to work.

Add the mqtt add-on - done
add user - done
ass integration - done

Blueiris - enable mqtt
Client ID:Blueiris
Server address port 1883
login: username
pass: password

mqtt topic: Blueiris/binary_sensor/driveway1hd_motion/state
payload: on


  • platform: mqtt
    name: Driveway
    state_topic: Blueiris/binary_sensor/driveway1hd_motion/state
    payload_on: on
    payload_off: off
    device_class: motion

if I look at the mqtt add-on log it reads
1593986340: New client connected from as Blueiris (p1, c1, k20, u’mqevans’).
1593986386: Client auto-19015A2E-40CF-A1A3-7F25-4689753E53AE disconnected.
1593986403: New connection from on port 1883.
[INFO] found homeassistant on local database
1593986404: New client connected from as auto-9EC1944D-3270-3B1E-96C1-B9C8C7E723F9 (p2, c1, k60, u’homeassistant’).
1593986659: Client auto-9EC1944D-3270-3B1E-96C1-B9C8C7E723F9 disconnected.
1593986678: New connection from on port 1883.
1593986678: New client connected from as auto-0DBA2C24-A598-C14A-6A0F-70ADAAE3F1EA (p2, c1, k60, u’homeassistant’).

yet it doesn’t show a alert in homeassistant when the motion is triggered

I’m so lost, any help

Use MQTT Explorer on your laptop to connect to your mqtt broker (server).
It’ll show you all the pub/sub traffic. Look for Blue Iris activity when the camera detects motion.
In my working setup, payload_on is configured "ON", not lower-case "on"

  - platform: mqtt
    name: "cam_drvwy_motion"
    state_topic: blue_iris/binary_sensor/cam_drvwy_motion/state
    payload_on: "ON"
    payload_off: "OFF"
    qos: 2
    device_class: motion

I changed mine to match yours in both blueiris and home-assistant.
Got MQTT Explorer running Topic : blue_iris/binary_sensor/driveway1hd_motion/state

it switches from OFF to ON with motion as the camera sees it. - To me blue iris is sending out the right signals. I has to be a homeassistant issues at this point

Is there something I’m missing setting up the broker.
goto ad-ons install Mosquitto broker
goto user add new mq user and pass
goto integrations add MQTT
add binary_sensor: to config.yaml

do I need to config MQTT in integrations, it seems like what I have should work at this point


Chris, your test proves BI is working correctly with your mqtt broker. Your broker is OK because your laptop running Mqtt Explorer is seeing the ON / OFF state changes.
To check if HA is able to see the ON / OFF state changes, go to
Developer Tools > MQTT
in Listen to a topic > Topic to subscribe to
enter: blue_iris/binary_sensor/#
# is a wildcard so HA will print any mqtt messages it sees that start with blue_iris/binary_sensor/
When your camera has motion, check if there’s any output (ON/OFF state changes) and also verify Mqtt Explorer sees the ON / OFF for the same motion event.
Here’s my test:

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That all worked, I found my problem after reading through soo much. I got the logger working for mqtt and noticed it said payload wasn’t matching and it listed the variable as “on”, I always had it in as on with out the " ". Once I changed that it worked.

I appreciate your time in trying to help me figure it out.

I know looking at your posts you had them in " " but everything was in quotes and in my hassio nothing is in quotes so I removed all of them, guess if I would have just copied and pasted from the start without edits it might have worked.

Good to know the mystery is solved!

I’ve got my cards and integration mostly working except I have 9 cameras, 3 of them don’t show. HA hard wired 1Gbps, BI PC hard wired 1Gbps. If I manually add a new card I can get the cameras to show up but then other cameras do not. Seems like some bandwidth/servicing issues.

Cameras are 1080p 5 fps stream. Stable in BI, clearly a HA issue. Rpi 3B

Any ideas? Substream at lower res, just for display on HA?

Edit: I just tried using /index as a workaround and that works well for the moment. If there was a way to mimic the UI3 behavior where clicking on a camera borught up that feed this would be fine… but alas… hoping someone has a key here

I have integraded Blue Iris into Home Assistant. I have the schedule on BI gobal settings turned off. Yet as HA changed a BI profile it will only hold for about 5-10 minutes. Any idea how to stop this? It’s maddening!


Check Settings->Profiles and set the Temp time to something more to your liking.

Found this post when looking for something different. I had the MQTT configured in BI when I was using OpenHab but found the Onvif integration in HA and never looked back. I have not however figured out how to publish the JPG the camera records when it is triggered. If anyone has done that - Please post back! BI also accepts REST calls to change the profile setting